Bread making in fast forward

I just would like to share a scene you can’t see in Dubai if you’re visiting and only been around to what is called “New Dubai” – all those luxurious street, malls and tall buildings part of Dubai.

(We live in the old part of Dubai, away from the glitz and glamour.)

Here’s an Indian bread maker showing off his skills to us when we passed by a small local restaurant where he works. The kitchen is open and if you do see one, I encourage you to stop by and see.

It’s pretty amazing.

First, the bread maker chips off a dough from a huge block of dough made earlier then kneads it, slaps it back to back with his hands (that’s how I see it!), flattens it with a rolling pin then pastes it in a round thing covered in thick cloth. He then sticks the bread to the hot stone oven for cooking.

He uses long steel sticks to pick out the cooked breads and tosses them out to a nearby plastic container. He hasn’t missed a shot! All breads landed in the container, located a few meters away, safely!

Pristine loved the bread making show so much. Before we left, the bread maker gave us a hot stone-baked traditional Indian flat bread called “Naan”, for free. The smell was great and the taste? It was just as fabulous.


  1. My indian colleagues recently took me for lunch at Gazebo, an indian restaurant. We had the indian bread, and I learned to appreciate it. I thought all of those round shaped bread I see are as dry and hard as the ARabic bread, but they’re not!



  2. Wow he’s sooooo fast! Sometimes you can’t see his hands, he’s so fast lol

    Never tasted Indian bread, but it looks yummy. Would love to know what kind of fillings they use for the bread.





  3. looks very interesting, i too love to watch how fast they work.

    When I watched the video before uploading it in the blog, I thought I accidentally pressed the fast forward button. I bet you have these in Sri Lanka too, right?

    Is there any difference with Indian breads and the breads you have in your place?

    .-= PeachRainbow´s last blog ..Zibbet Premium Accounts =-.



  4. Great video, Grace!!! I love Naan! It has been so long since we have gone to the city for Indian food!

    We got Indian food in cafeterias all over the place here. I love Naan too and they’re my waterloo since I have intolerance to gluten.

    .-= Maribeth´s last blog ..Rainy Days =-.



  5. OK, where exactly was this? I have to go see for myself.

    This was in Bur Dubai, near Lamcy Plaza but you should see so many of these Indian bread makers all around Deira (in Muteena street for example). You can also catch them in these little Indian cafeterias at Ghubaiba bus station in Bur Dubai, or you could walk through the textile souk to Dubai Museum.

    They are all around…but you can’t see them in Jumeirah or the posh expat places

    .-= George McKee´s last blog ..The Dubai Metro =-.



  6. That was amazing… I remember there was a little shop on my way to primary school (all those years ago) who used to make something like this. He used to give us each a free small one each morning and it tasted so good. I love how this baker made a small one for Pristine (and hearing her in the background gasp in delight).
    Thanks for sharing.



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