This is the part where y’all pause and give me the proud mommy moment

Pristine, who attends Year 1 at a nearby International School just got her half-term assessment report and we could never be more proud.

For English:


Reading books aloud at home certainly helped. We love reading books and during bedtime story telling, sometimes we take turns reading instead of me reading the whole story/book.

For Math:


She got this math/numerical skills from her father. No further comment.

On behavior:


For Homework:


Teacher’s general comment:

gen comment-1

I like the sound of “well liked by her peers”. On one event of the school, most of the students there knows her by her name, calls her when she passes by and there’s this one particular little girl in kindergarten class who attaches to Pristine like a little baby!

well liked

~ like a big sister ~

Her less impressive assessment was for Arabic. With only two days of Arabic classes per week and the fact that we do not speak or use it at home makes it difficult for her to progress. Our Lebanese neighbor whose door I constantly knocked moved out of Dubai last year so we lost some support in this area. She’s in an international school but Arabic is taught because it is the national language of the UAE. The report says she needs a lot of repetition and practice in order to retain reading vocabulary. We need to do something for this…

Otherwise, I think she really worked hard and doing well in school. Any mom couldn’t be happier. Thank you all for giving me that proud mommy moment.


  1. Kudos to both mom and daughter, and of course dad too!!! One thing is for sure you did a great job in parenting.

    I think Pristine is like you Grace, your friends tends to stick to you once they get to know you. Remember in high school, there were a lot of sticking together, thru fun and sad times…



  2. Congratulations, how awesome, very smart daughter you have..very well rounded you and your husband have done a great job raising her. She is blessed!



  3. Grace, you have every reason to be proud, you are a great team! Tell her how proud I am of her on her progress report. I think you are right that being well liked by her peers is really something special… and I KNOW she gets THAT from her mommy!



  4. This is my first posting as I just stumbled onto your blog. Congrats to you and Pristine! Her little friend seems to love her very much. How sweet they look together.



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