Never ignore simple back pains

Hello. Remember me?

The last time I blogged was last Friday before we moved and disconnected the internet. Now I’m back from being almost bedridden for two days after our move. What? Friends, it’s shameful to admit but I hurt my back last Friday – actually back pain started early last week but I ignored my back’s plea for rest and went on to play Superman last Friday, lifting heavy things in bad form.

Bad idea.

back pain

On Saturday, I could not get up without wincing, crying and holding my breath. My back gave up on me because I am stubborn and needed punishment. I could not even dress by myself. Ouch. Still I went to work since I’ll only be sitting for 5.5 hours so I thought it should be ok.

Not ok.

I went to the Osteopathic Clinic in the afternoon literally limping and walking very very slowly, slower than a sloth- even the slight vibration of my walking sent excruciating pain in my back. Shit. How old am I? From how I looked like walking, you could say I was 80. I begged the doctor to take away my pain and I promise to be a good girl for the rest of my life. My back muscles turned out to be in full spasm (not sure what it means? in simple definition, they tightened up and giving me lots of pain), blood circulation bad and spinal column misaligned. Bleh, not fun. The therapy’s even so expensive.

The osteopathic therapy worked wonders the morning after with 80% of the pain gone. These doctors have magical hands. I was able to get up and unpack some of the things, fold clothes and arrange some small stuff. No lifting anything, though.

So there. I was at home for two days, unplugged from the outside world, repenting at what I did and eating lunch with my mother. In a positive light, I was able to get some needed rest and had lovely chats with my mom who stays at home the whole day alone until Pristine gets home at 3pm. It was a great way to reconnect with her, take time to talk without my normal rushes and dashes through the door. I could sense she liked the time spent with an adult for a change.


If you’re living in Dubai and having muscle pains, recurring back aches, trapped nerves, whiplash, neck pain and all other ouchie stuff, I highly recommend you go see an Osteopath at the The Osteopathic Health Centre.


  1. I can feel your pain. I had a terrible back spasm, too, last year after I bent over to lift my son. I could barely move for about two days and when I did, I felt like screaming. I’m really careful now about using the proper body mechanics especially when I need to move or lift heavy stuff.
    .-= CandyQ´s last blog ..So that others may live. =-.



  2. Glad you’re now there. I never had the same experience but I figured it’s tough. It’s good you’re with your mom to take care of P and you (?), else, it would be hard recovering for 2 days.



  3. Back pain is nothing to sniff at! Last year I had a full back attack and was laid up for over two weeks. My back problems are disc related, but I do not want the surgery. Although Jack did have two discs removed and feels fine. I am, however, a big chicken!
    Feel better and take care of yourself!~
    .-= Maribeth´s last blog ..Macaroni & Cheese =-.



  4. Now see, Mrs. Grace, I told you not to overdo it with your back-I’m glad that you finally got the opinion of a doctor and were able to relax and recoop! I definitely know the whole feeling-older-then-you-are feeling; Most days, I feel like I’m a 20 year old being in an 80 year old body >.<

    Not fun!
    .-= Kayla´s last blog ..Blah =-.



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