We’re moving!

After three years of living in a very small 2-bedroom apartment, we are moving to a bigger one today, finally. The living room is very spacious (for us), about 40 sq. m. that the first thing we did when we signed the contract was take Pristine’s plasma car and drove it around the empty room. We took turns driving it. Ah, gotta love empty houses and the initial empty space.

What makes me happy is that we will finally have a bigger kitchen with ample storage cabinets for our things and kitchen tools. I will also have a bigger workspace so Pristine and I can finally stand side by side in the kitchen when I teach her some basics of cooking. She had taken a great interest in cooking, even having recipe cards for pancakes, chocolate pancakes, vanilla pancakes and banana pancakes. Pancake overkill is our joy.

Here’s a photo of our would be kitchen from today:

new apartment kitchen

I know for some of you, it would be still small but it is a huge, huge improvement for us. So I look forward to our move although I strained a muscle in my back at the gym early this week and in pain!  Ouch.

Kitchen story aside, I wonder if I can sleep well in the new apartment. I am those type of weird people who can’t sleep properly in a new, different place!

22 thoughts on “We’re moving!

  1. wow! congrats grace… I envy the kitchen! good that you can finally move to this nice place. BTW, I posted a pix of jojo over at my blog (I also made a cc for you on the email with attached pictures I sent to Anita)… hope to see more pixes and stories on the new home.

    We have the same problem of having trouble sleeping in a new place… maski akong old room sa Aluba, pag uli nako di nako katulog! hehehe
    .-= bin´s last blog ..I won a gorgeous top for my baby! =-.


  2. Congratulations Grace, that’s SO amazing!! I’m doing a little Lymie happy dance for you over here 😀
    I hope you feel better with your back, though-Be careful with that!!

    I want to see the Lymie happy dance 🙂
    My back is better now but I’m not blowing my luck.

    .-= Kayla´s last blog ..Aloha Friday #5 =-.


  3. I am very happy for you. It will be a real blessing to have more space. Good for you! Enjoy your new home. I get funny when sleeping in a new place too. I usually try to put a little lavender essential oil in my hair, and it really takes that edge off. 🙂 Good luck with the move! Have fun!

    Lavender oil on hair!! That sounds perfect. I love lavender. I am sure it will help me sleep and relax as well. Thanks for the precious tip!!

    .-= Kelly B´s last blog ..Superbowl Ads =-.


  4. Yay, congratulations! The kitchen looks so fun, but I’m curious, why the wide open space on the opposite wall instead of more counters? Is that where your dining table needs to go?

    I don’t know..maybe if there’d be counters we can’t move around anymore…but yeah, our small dining table with 4 chairs is now in the new kitchen. We eat there because it is convenient, being near the kitchen and all…

    but we do have another dining table at the hall (living room) to use when guests arrive.

    .-= Krista´s last blog ..Double Trouble contest =-.


  5. Congratulations. How exciting for you all. So when you rent over there you have supply your own major appliances? Hope your move went well, I am sure you will have a great time decorating.

    It depends. If you opt to rent a hotel apartment which is partially or fully furnished, you don’t need to buy appliances and sometimes, beds/sofas…

    We are renting a normal flat (apartment) so it’e empty and since we didn’t bring any of our stuff from Japan when we relocated except for our clothes, we started from zero.


  6. Congratulations on the move! Your new kitchen looks quite a lot bigger than mine, although I have more cabinets in my space. Enjoy and you will get used to sleeping there soon enough.

    You will be shocked when I post a photo of our old kitchen in the blog – the teeny tiny space and the number of cabinets (or the lack thereof) that we have to live with for three years!

    .-= TheAngelForever´s last blog ..Exederm giveaway winner =-.


  7. I am so happy to get the good news from you.
    congrats and enjoy the great food , great atmosphere of your new home.
    Good Luck and Happiness in your new home.

    Thank you! Yeah I am excited to cook with Pristine in the new kitchen..now..where to find the time? But I WILL find that time!


  8. That looks like a nice kitchen. Love to see pics of rest of the place.

    And, Congrats for the new appt.

    Thanks! I’ll post a pic of the rest of the place once we get our things sorted out.


  9. The kitchen is the big thing for me, too! I bet you all had so much fun riding the Plasma car in the empty house, I would have had a ball, too. I would have played with Nano running around (well, I don’t actually RUN) and he would have sniffed everything…
    Can’t wait to see what you bake (especially the pancakes with Pristine) in that wonderful kitchen!
    .-= Lorie Shewbridge´s last blog ..Disney Social Media Moms Conference – Recap Day 1 =-.


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