Dear God: Make them cute, please

Pristine has been very specific with her prayers lately. She would thank God for the day, the blessings we received, for her friends at school, for her mom and dad and some extras at the end. Here’s the “extra” request last night:

Dear God, please give me 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Thank you. Hurry please?

Our room was dark so I can’t see the look of her face but her voice was downright serious. She really thinks my body can handle 3 boys and 2 girl AT THE SAME TIME because she says, “there’s plenty of space in there”. Yikes.

Then she made the sign of the cross and lay down. As soon as her head touched the pillow, she jerked and sat up again:

And God? Please make them cute, just like me. Thank you, good night.


  1. hahaha…nalingaw jud ko…what a simple sincere prayer jud coming from Pristine. good luck…daghan daghan sab ng 5 more bah…(daghan2x coz my husband plans to have 4 unta, God permits, but i asked him, pwede 3 lng…with a question on his face…dli na kaya sa imo lawas?)



  2. hahahahhahaha, you have a very funny girl and so I think … perhaps you could try with 5 more!!!!!!hahahahhaha

    kisses from Spain!!!!



  3. I am wondering where a little girl would get such an idea.

    Usually, an American child, unless he or she has a very close and loving family, would shun the idea of sibling competition for love and other resources.

    There is another factor in this child’s life that sets her apart, and whatever that factor is, both her parents and her God deserve credit for giving her such a great heart and such faith in the goodness of life.


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  4. She is so cute…Is she one of those girly girls who loves dolls etc? Also a question not related to this post.. I read in the paper that they have opened the largest Bloomingdales.. the first store outside the USA I have never been to one but since it is the largest and by you.. I wondered if you have seen it yet??



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