The things you can’t get without drama


After a cortisol-enriched week, the apartment problem that we had has been solved. For those of you who were praying or thinking of donating a tent for my family to live in, you can take a break now. Thank you very much for all the kind words.

They have paid up – I got the needed cheques after so much office drama and bureaucracy. I have it in my hand right now – ok, you go back to praying I won’t lose it! Kidding.

My immediate boss stepped in to help me and even talked to all the concerned big wigs to convince them that the sudden change of office policy is unfair and that it would create a huge inconvenience for me and my family. They had a closed door meeting like how Vatican does when they choose a new pope. There were lots of discussions, cussing, calculating but after that I’ve got the cheques for one year rent payment of the new flat.

I’ll forgive them for all they’ve contributed to the massive increase of white hair I already have.

Photo for illustration purposes only. Taken from Google images.


  1. Yay, I’m glad it got worked out!
    So, will the company pay again next year or will this be “warning” that you have to start saving now so you have the money up front in a year?
    And yes, we want to see pics of the new place when you get moved in! When are you moving? We’re moving this weekend…



  2. Congrats grace! BTW, they should not be changing their policy in the first place- it’s part of the contract, right? You should get what you signed up for… Otherwise, mawad-an sila og best worker nila nga multilingual pa!… Good thing that you have a good boss… Happy cooking in the new kitchen 🙂



  3. Finally! wow I just can’t believe how complicated thats all been. I am happy for you. Enjoy your move. Hope it’s less stressful.



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