I won the Trivia Challenge again

Thank you very much for all your comments in the previous post. I am still working on our apartment problem and hopefully write something positive about that soon.

On the other hand, I have one good news – I won the Trivia Challenge again on the radio last week. This is my second time winning it, the first time was last April. The prize is 1,000dhs (US$270) to Home Center – a home furniture store I really like.

The Trivia Challenge is a game played every morning from Sunday-Thursday at a radio station here in Dubai. There’ll be one contestant per day and the one that gets the highest score at the end of the week, which is Thursday, gets the prize. I played last Monday and maintained the highest score until Thursday!

As usual, I was so nervous and hate my voice on the radio but I really wanted to get a new bed for Pristine! 😉

I’m really not that articulate and despise my radio voice but had to put the audio clip here for you to listen. The questions weren’t that hard!

Do let me know if you have trouble listening to the audio clip. Thanks!


  1. Wow, congrats! It’s so nice to get stuff you don’t have to buy! 🙂
    My parents are bringing us home a dresser and coffee table from my great aunt Lilly’s stuff. Things we don’t have to buy now that we really need!



  2. GO Grace!

    Funny that – last week i thought to myself: i haven’t entered the Trivia Challenge for a long time i think i’ll give it a shot this week and of course … i didn’t get round to it! I did listen to your round and it didn’t occur to me that it was you!!

    Well done!!!!

    Rob N Vicky are so hilarious !!!



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