Prayers for Haiti

Dubai morning sky

On this side of the world, as I stand on my apartment balcony and look at another glorious morning sky, I can’t help but look far and think of the people in Haiti. I cannot fathom how they must be feeling right now and cannot imagine the pain and suffering of people who already suffered enough even before the massive earthquake that shook the capital city of Port-au-Prince.

I pray for the people of Haiti. An immediate call for help has been called in many parts of the world and the world listened. I can only hope that help will go through the proper channels and no one takes advantage of the situation, like what happened in the Philippines during the worst flood last year. So much of the international aid that came became supposedly undelivered and corrupted by local officials and never handed to the real victims. A volunteer for the government blogged about it, you can read the post pasted here since the original blog has been blocked. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen in Haiti – this country has suffered too much!

For the meantime, I’m counting my blessings that I have a roof over my head, my love ones intact and continue to pray for the people in devastated in Haiti and all the rescue workers. The raw scenes in these Haiti photos just breaks my heart.

God bless them all.

9 thoughts on “Prayers for Haiti

  1. This is so so sad. 😦 My heart goes to those who lost their loved ones and those who are suffering from physical injuries and emotional disturbances.

    I am hoping those handling any form of aid will do the best they could to really give them to the victims and do it fair too.

    Indeed it’s a shame to those hoarding stuffs which should have been given to the victims.
    .-= rose´s last blog ..Pregnancy Update: Week 21 =-.


  2. The people of Haiti are facing a situation of catastrophic proportions. Those who are flying in to give aid are overwhelmed by the situation, one woman described how the living were sleeping among the dead.
    The aid arriving onto the island is a mere drop in the ocean compared to what is actually needed.
    The people do indeed need our prayers, words seem so empty at a time like this, so praying and helping out with whatever aid we can give is about all we can do at this dreadful time. The aid agencies also need prayers to face the sheer day to day awfulness without giving up hope.


  3. I couldn’t agree more Grace-My heart just aches for all those people!! I can’t even watch the news anymore because I just break down and cry at all the devastation such a quick and deadly earthquake could reek…
    I can say that the world has jumped in at the right time(although I do hope it’s all for the right reasons like you said)-It’s heartwarming to see all these people willing to help!
    My heart is with all those people at this time.


  4. I was watching a special on TV over the weekend about Haiti. It broke my heart.

    They were showing how doctors have run out of supplies and were resorting to sterilizing their equipment with vodka, and using hacksaws to amputate limbs. They called it “Civil War Medicine”.

    I only hope that they get what they need as soon as possible. My thoughts and prayers are with them.
    .-= Edward´s last blog ..Natural Remedies for Colic in Infants =-.


  5. It’s sad and disgusting, and it happened in the 80’s with money raised from the “We are the world” over $30 million dollars for Ethiopia food and supplies in a convoy of trucks, mostly everything taken by the government and what wasn’t used by them rotten in warehouses. Some people have no conscious.


  6. Such a beautiful post, with one of your lovely photos to go with it.
    I agree completely with you… when I first thought of donating, I said to my husband that I hope whatever got over there didn’t go directly to the warlords.
    So I made sure that the money we sent was through one of those approved by the US State Dept. and I did a post on my blog about it.
    I just heard this morning (Wed. Jan. 2oth) that they have suffered another earthquake measuring 6.1 – I cannot imagine what they are going through.
    Our continued prayers are with those poor people – the ones lost and the ones left behind.


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