Celebrating three years in Dubai!

** Read on, there’s fun at the end! **

3 yrs ago at 3

3 yrs ago at 3

Today marks our 3rd year since we first stepped foot in Dubai. I look back and remember the things we did, the way we were (team of three, roaming clueless in a foreign land) and think we’ve come this far, things will only get better. M and I are still the same – almost – he has lost weight (as if he has more to lose!) because of work. Pristine’s height and hair growth have been impressive. She shot up at least 20 cms in three years, hair is beyond her shoulder blades now (it’s still curly).  She also talks a lot now too, even in her sleep.

We are still loving our stay here and will stay here for ” a little more while”.

We’ve lived in the same apartment for three years. While it’s not the ideal place that I would want my family to live, we’re pretty much contented. I mean, most of us are, because clearly, I am NOT. I could live with a small living room, bedrooms and no bath tub but the teeny tiny kitchen is killing me and I’ve struggled with it for three years. I’ve had enough.

All I wanted for Christmas is a big, or at least a decent sized kitchen that’s more than 2 meters wide! You’ll be shocked if I post a photo of my kitchen here. Well, three Christmasses have passed and I’m still juggling in our small kitchen that’s fit for cooking for one person, not family and clearly not for someone like me who loves to cook. I am SO ready to move.

 We plan to live here for at least another 3 years so if we’re going to move, it better be good right? We’ve looked for flats around the area and found good ones but had to drop some of them out of our list because of ONE single reason/thing. Like we found one or two with a good kitchen area but then because of this one single reason, we won’t consider living there because it would be just stressful not just for me but for ALL of us. Sounds like a riddle?

Stay with me, this is going to be fun, I promise.

Since it’s our third anniversary here, I’d like to give away something – a prize, a token, a small Dubai-themed package* for someone who can correctly guess the reason why we have to erase a certain apartment in our choice of place to live.

Some rules:

  • One person can comment up to three times with different guesses
  • This contest is open to everyone, wherever you live!
  • If no one guesses correctly even after 3 days, I’ll give a hint then you can comment again. So be sure you’re subscribed to my feed to catch that hint, ok?

Ready? Go hit the comments! I’m excited to see all your guesses (the possibilities are endless) !

* If the winner is from Dubai, I’ll have a Japan-themed small package ready or a 100 dhs certificate from Bur Juman, whatever works for ‘ya! 🙂


  1. I’m glad to hear that your kitchen is the biggest concern. Your daughter has grown so much, and is doing great things.

    As for that kitchen, a friend of mine — who is a great cook — has a very small kitchen. You stand in one place and turn and you’ll be in front of the sink, fridge, and sink without taking a single step to the left or the right. But I’m glad you are making it work.
    .-= Urban Thought´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday: Over The Edge =-.



  2. Congratulations on your 3 year anniversary-I can sympathize with you when it comes to the kitchen(my mum is in a similar boat and has been for 10 years).

    Let me take my first guess-We’ve been doing a great deal of house hunting over the past few years and I know the thing that would make us the most stressed would be(especially with a young child around) would be the house is located on a really busy street.
    .-= Kayla´s last blog ..Unique Earrings from the UK-WeeSparrow =-.



  3. Hi Grace, I wanted to thank you for the last give away you had where I won the comforter and I know it would be wrong to try and win anything again, but I love guessing games, so here goes:
    Is it because you have no laundry facilites? That would be a big reason why I wouldn’t go with some apartments.
    Anyway I hope you find something that has everything you want, including a big kitchen! At least bigger than what you have now.
    I posted about the comforter.
    Your daughter is so cute, and I would be frazzled on whether or not to let her swim, it just seems so strange that they would let them swim if the weather is cold !
    oh, I have a new web address too : http://gracierosecottage.blogspot.com
    but the old link will let you find it too 😉
    .-= Sandy´s last blog ..Gracie Rose Cottage =-.



  4. Well, all of my ideas have already been taken… the first was no air conditioning!
    So I’m guessing…
    1) there are a lot of a certain nationality of people in the building that make it smell like something you don’t like from cooking certain foods?
    2) no window view – it only looks into an interior courtyard or something? I know you like to get those sunrise pictures!
    3) there is some noise issue, either being near a main noisy road, or a noisy club or something like that!

    I feel your pain on the kitchen size though!



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