Is it too early for swimming (it’s “winter”)

swimming pool

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Last night, my mother and I had an argument. Oh wait, that word sounds too strong. We didn’t exactly argue as in on a verge of a fight we just had sort of “clash of opinions” much like she’s on Team Jacob and I’m uhm, I don’t belong to any.

Last Thursday, Pristine came home with a note from the school saying they will be starting their swimming classes, in the middle of winter. Dubai – the hot desert land it may sound to some of you but really, we do have winter here. Of course it’s not as cold as the real winter but the air gets chilly. No snow, nothing of that shoveling stuff. It gets cold at early mornings and night and I suspect, it will be like this until at least the end of February.

The school’s swimming pool is located outside. Pristine told me the water will be set to warm so they won’t shiver. Fine, ok then, I gave her a go in the condition that she’ll have to take care of herself and put on a towel as soon as she gets out of the water. There are 18 kids in her class and the teacher couldn’t wrap them all in one whoosh. She nodded and looked forward to swimming. Kids are such waterbugs. So yay, she’s going swimming!

This is where my mother flared up. She insists that it will be cold, cold, cold and Pristine would get sick so it’s better not to let her swim. But how can that be? If all of her classmates are in the water, how could she not swim with them and just be on the side looking out the water and all that splashing fun? And this would happen every single Sunday as my mom wishes and until she thinks winter is over and it’s ok to participate in the swimming classes?

I thought if Pristine wouldn’t be allowed to swim, then she better not go to school on swimming days at all! In that case she wouldn’t feel left out of swimming, oh I don’t know!

It is warm on midday here at 27C, sometimes even more, if there’s no wind factor.

My stance was – I can only tell the teacher that it’s too early for swimming but the ball is in their hands. I have written on their daily journal: “Isn’t it too early for swimming? Please observe how the children are feeling afterwards.” But in the end, they will decide whether to let the children swim or not, judging in the circumstances and weather. Since my daughter is enrolled there, she needs to participate and test the waters, literally speaking. If she says that it is indeed too cold, then I will have to complain.

As soon as I finished my explanation (all hands flailing in the air – I hate how I talk when I’m upset) to my mother who was ignoring my talk while holding a Twilight book, she rolled her eyes as if saying I do not care for the welfare of my child.

14 thoughts on “Is it too early for swimming (it’s “winter”)

  1. 27 degrees out and the pool is heated? That’s warmer than summertime in many places! She’ll be fine.

    It’s part of nature for generations to differ over acceptable childrearing practices, just nod and smile and then respectfully do what you think is best.

    .-= Robin´s last blog ..Back to the Beach =-.


    • Even when it’s sunny and feeling like 27C (it could be less but I do feel it’s 27C), the air is a bit chilly and that’s what my mom is worried about.


    • I thought that 24C wasn’t cold too when I was in Japan but when you get accustomed to super hot Dubai summers (hovering around 45C!), then 27C is cool…hee hee


  2. Oh, sometimes that must be hard, having your mother there watching your parenting all the time. I think you’re right though. Pristine is old enough to get her own towel and tell you if she’s extremely cold. Leaving a note for the teacher was smart too! And then, if she does happen to catch a cold, don’t let your mom blame you or the swimming, those go around all year long! 😉


  3. In the Caribbean, the waters get quite chilly and there is also a cool breeze from December to March. My kids did swimming lessons in a non heated out door pool. poor things had blue lips by the end of the class yet they enjoyed it. make sure to give her the proper vitamins and a warm fuzzy comfy towel. She will be fine. If she does get cold she won’t even notice because she will be having to much fun.
    .-= Anuan´s last blog ..Thoughts on Guam =-.


  4. It must be tough having your mom around trying to help and questioning your motives in raising Pristine. I know that you both have her best interests at heart. I think you are right in knowing that she is old enough to wrap herself in a big fluffy towel when they are done swimming. If she comes home complaining that it is too cold, you can just tell her that you will write a note to her teacher and excuse her from the swim class.
    You are a terrific mom, and it will all work out for the best.
    .-= Lorie Shewbridge´s last blog ..Social Media Moms Celebration: We’re Going!!! =-.


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