Calling Dubai Expat Home Owners

house hunting

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I wanted to post this initially on Twitter but with the 140 character limit, there is no way (or there is but difficult) I could relay the message without sounding like spam or a desperate salesman. Or salewoman. Whatever.

Here goes:

House Hunters International – a lifestyle TV show based in the US has contacted me through this blog to appear in their show. Hold the applause. They wanted to come to Dubai and interview an expat/expats who lives here and bought a property here, as they are featuring expats from all over the world who bought houses from their adoptive country.

The reason to hold the applause is that, me and my family do not own a property here in Dubai. We are living in an apartment provided by my company.

So if any Dubai expat is interested, please leave a comment in this post. You are required to write your email address in the comments section (don’t worry, that address won’t appear to anyone but me) so I’ll use that to contact you for the details.

I think this is a good opportunity for expat families to share insights and information on buying a home in Dubai. And of course, a little TV appearance wouldn’t hurt as well. 🙂

Hit the comments!

Comment highlight by Mannequin:

Uh. Well, the offer alone is one of great magnitude, but it’s sad you cannot accept. However, if they would GIVE you a house, they could work it from a totally different angle.


    1. It’s not bad that I’m not in it because I am terrible on screen…(not that I’ve been on TV shows LOL). Let me just write, not appear in front of people! That’s scary for me..

      Anyway, I’ve not seen any episode of that show so I’m a bit curious.



    1. Renting is expensive here George but for most expats, especially Westerners and Europeans, the company pays for their rents. It is part of their so called “expat package”. This you have to look out for when you negotiate for a job.

      My company pays for my very small 2BR flat, it’s US$18,000/year. That is a VERY modest price compared to the other flats in popular expat areas and villas (single detached houses) are more expensive, 2BR villas with small garden is around US$30,000/year.

      As for buying, yes you are right, salary is good here (sadly, this is depending on NATIONALITY) and it’s tax-free so some expats own properties here and even save some more…



  1. Uh. Well, the offer alone is one of great magnitude, but it’s sad you cannot accept. However, if they would GIVE you a house, they could work it from a totally different angle. harumph.

    I’ve been away too long, I hope the holidays were good for everyone.



  2. That would have been great!! I would have love to see you on TV. Anyway, there are a lot more opportunities to come.

    By the way, is it possible for non-Dubai residents to buy their own house? Just for curiosity, how much does a three-bedroom two-bath house cost?

    Cheers Grace!



  3. That would have been an incredible opportunity, how fun! Oh well. I thought of you last night when I saw a story on the news about some guy who parachuted off the new building you guys have up there in Dubai! That really big one! OMG, crazy! lol
    .-= sheila´s last blog ..And then it hit me! =-.



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