Dubai flooding after continuous rain

Just in!! As tweeted (by myself and other Dubai residents) about the rain that evolved from lovely to catastrophic…

Take a look at how the street outside my work building looks like after whole day of drizzle in Dubai!

Salahuddin street 2009.12.13

Everyone should bring their swimsuits when it rains here.

Salahuddin street 2009.12.13 2

Just below where the yellow crane is, is the underground Dubai Metro system under construction. I wonder what’s happening down there with that flood above it! Moreover, I wonder how I’m going to cross that road to get into my car parked across!!


  1. holy cow! I cant believe people are driving in that! Here in AZ we ge summer monsoons. We have a thing called “the dumb motorist law” and you get a crazy fine if they have to rescue you from high waters!



  2. you know we’ve been been walking through floods. really really yikes! the traffic jam is most unbearable. i kept vomiting inside the taxi last night for headache, dizziness and less air inside the cab. i thought i’d die without even reaching home! the travel time got tripled!

    it really gets crazy here when it rains! it’s like a shock and everyone gets panicked.
    .-= rose´s last blog ..Pregnancy: Week 17 Update =-.



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