It’s raining, raining, raining

rain drops on window pane

There’s some kind of surreal thing going on with the weather we are experiencing right now in Dubai. It has been raining since yesterday! What a joy. We’ve been waiting for this kind of cool break, literally from the summer heat and kind of a change from the usual sunny-blue-skies weather we have 330 days a year. Forgive me, I do get the “don’t rub it in!” comment from people buried in winter snow but yeah, some gray clouds and rain do make me happy.

It’s quite nice to lie down in bed and looking out at the window to see the rain on a weekend. I spent half of my day off being sick – having a head splitting headache and vomitting. I rushed to the washroom so many times to throw up, creating commotion among the people in the house (namely: my mom, my aunt, my other aunt, etc) who came to visit. I came out and looked at their smiling faces.


It’s really not funny for them to even think there’s a bun in the oven because it wasn’t even morning  and that there really wasn’t (I think so). Earlier that day, I took Pristine to a kid cinema at Ikea and I forgot to bring my eyeglasses. Shit happens when I go see a movie without my eyeglasses. That is all!


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