Fluffy clouds and no rain

Dubai clouds in the morning

We’ve been having really nice weather here lately. By nice, that would mean, something that would have to do with cooler temperatures and for me, clouds and rain. When I look into the skies every single morning, it always seems like it’s going to rain right that very moment but it just won’t. Dubai skies in winter are such big teasers.

Last Tuesday, the weather was just wild, with strong winds ready to wipe out all the thin people walking in the streets. Of course, my feet was firm on the ground. I’m not that fat – I just need a stronger wind to blow me off. Heh. It was a pain to walk in windy weather though – in case you’ve forgotten, this is desert land and sand can get into the eyes, nose, etc. It was definitely no lip gloss day.

Yesterday I took the bus to work and brought my 3rd The Twilight Saga book, Eclipse and read it inside the bus. I heard a whooshing sound when it neared my bus stop so I stopped imagining about Jacob’s body and looked outside.

road leading to abu baker street deira 2009.12.9 p

From the look of things, it’s apparent that it rained in the night or at dawn, probably lasting 5-10 minutes.

I’ve read some nasty weather in the US from Twitter. How’s the weather in your place?


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  1. did you mean the third book eclipse? or second book new moon?
    I never liked jacob’s character..I always pictured him as the annoying teenager hahaha

    OMG brain freeze. I meant eclipse!! I am reading Eclipse now!



  2. it’s one degree fahrenheit here! brrrr. the past few days we’ve had our first blustery snow. chicago winters are like that, usually much earlier than december.

    it seems so strange to me to think of sand blowing around like that–must be a pain!



  3. Just thought I would tell you I enjoy your website and finding out about Dubai. I am here in Wisconsin, USA and we just had 15 1/2 inches of snow. It is really pretty and stacked everywhere!!!!! It will be a beautiful white Christmas….thanks!!!



  4. I live in Illinois too. Lots of snow and ice. My car windows are stuck and won’t go down!
    I enjoy reading your site and learning about Dubai. My young son enjoyed watching the video of Dubai and seeing the wedding photos. So different from our lives here.




  5. Holy crap! That is a lot of rain…
    Here we were hit pretty hard with the deathly cold temps and heaps of snow-We were the part of the country that got it pretty bad.
    Lost power for half a day yesterday and got into a minor accident out on the roads today.
    As of now we have about 10 inches of show, iced over roads due to the flash freeze temps. Actually I just checked the temp now and it’s relatively warm compared to the past few days….a whopping 9 degrees.

    .-= Kayla´s last blog ..Something to Treasure-A Box For My Treasure =-.



  6. That photograph is beautiful! I hope you get your much needed rain. We have been complaining about the cold, which for us is around 30-40 degrees F – yeah, I know lots of people say that’s not that bad. But we moved to Florida for the warmth. If I NEVER see another snow storm for as long as I live, that will be too soon. 🙂
    .-= Lorie Shewbridge´s last blog ..Cartoon of the Day: Parents, Be Specific =-.



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