Dubai’s first rain of the season finally here


Photo for illustration purposes only

Yesterday at Twitter, came a very surprising tweet: “It’s raining in Dubai!!” I rushed outside to see if indeed the first showers of the season has come but no, from where I was, it was dry.

But the tweets keep on coming. It has rained at an area near the Mall of the Emirates, in Al Barsha, etc. When the local news agency Gulf News finally tweeted that rain hits parts of Dubai and Sharjah, then it was confirmed.

I have a winner in my guess the rain competition! Congratulations to @Mita56 – who placed her bet via Twitter early this month. I told her I’d only accept her bet since she placed in on my birthdate (22nd). And she was right!

Right now, the skies are acting a bit strange, the air is cool and we might experience the elusive rain again. I hope next time it comes to my area so I can take photos of it. No floods, though, please.


Thank you very much to everyone who took part in the rain competition. It was fun! Let’s do that again next year! Speaking of competitions, I have one giveaway tomorrow, watch out for that, especially moms with little kiddos.

Also, I’d like to say thanks so much to all who greeted me on my birthday. You all make me feel extra special.


  1. That’s exciting – and happy birthday!! (I’m a little late, but think of it as better late than never 🙂 ) Hope you had a great day!



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