Me and Steven Tyler, we have a story

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This blazing red little devil? I call (him? not sure) it, Steven Tyler.

Right after coming back from vacation, I was at home for two weeks doing all kinds of housekeeping stuff. I cleaned closets, arranged and rearranged furnitures and finally tackled the very slow PC. The hub’s 5 year old Vaio was choking to death with my photos, especially right after I got the SLR camera. It was practically on the verge of puking out the excess data. I hate burning files on DVD-R’s and wished for a portable hard disk drive. Of course after our vacation from Japan, we didn’t have a budget for a portable hard disk drive. You bet I am poor or stingy, but basically poor.

Right when I was growing white hairs on my head thinking of what to do with my file dilemma, the radio DJ said they’re holding a contest to win a portable hard drive! The universe listened to my woe so I had to act! It was offering me a chance to solve my problem, how can I pass up with that?

So I sent an sms hoping they’d call me back. And with the power of the universe, yeah folksies, they DID call me back. They explained the rule of the game – the one that involved someone on the other end of the line, on hold scoring 5 when they asked her to name ROCK BANDS.

The rule was simple: whoever names the most rock bands in TEN SECONDSย wins.

Deep in my heart, I know I HAD to win. My files needed a new home, remember? I didn’t like them squatting in someone’s PC for long. They needed rescuing. I had to name more than 5 to win.

Obviously me and rock bands don’t match. And the DJ counting ten seconds loudly distracted me so much. Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Alice in Chains, The Scorpions, Ac/Dc,ย (voice breaking) Boyzone?…see how stupid I was to mention Boyzone as a rock band. It’s like the insult to rock bands that will end all insult to rock bands. Of course, it was not counted!

I only named 5 too.

So there had to be a tie-break question. The DJ said in the count of 3, me and the girl on the other line should shout another rock band name. And we did. We mentioned the same rock band, at the same time. Another tie-break scheme has to be done!

At this point, my mom was ready to call an ambulance. My heart was pounding so fast. Jeez, all because of a hard drive. If I knew it was this hard, I could’ve just bought! Or not.

The DJ said the one last obstacle question: “Shout as loud and as fast as you can, WHO IS THE LEAD SINGER OF THE ROCK BAND….(in my head, I said over and over Aerosmith, Aerosmith, Aerosmith pleeeaassse) AEROSMITH?”

From the top of my lungs, I shouted, almost blowing away the phone from my mouth. “STEVEN TYLER!” The girl on the other end of the line was silent.

I had won the 320GB portable HD I really, really wanted. My files now have a new home, a big one too! Thanks to the universe and Steven Tyler. (see? I told you we have a story!)


  1. hey congratulations for winning ‘Steven Tyler’ … but it puzzles me that for a computer enthusiast like you and your hubby, with overflowing music and photo files, you never had a portable hard drive before this one. back-up devices like portable hard drive with automatic back-up software is a basic NECESSITY in my household or I’ll go worried CRAZY!
    .-= Charlotte (Life’s a Charm)´s last blog ..Pregnancy Update, Week 18 =-.



  2. hahaha! congrats!

    (i always wonder how such a funny-looking guy as steven tyler can have such a gorgeous daughter as liv tyler. i suppose it happens when you have a kid with a supermodel)



  3. Happy birthday grace! it’s November 22 in the Philippines…

    Enjoyed your post! Congrats on the new portable drive- swertehon giyod ka anang contests oi. As Paolo Coelho said, the universe will conspire if we want something bad enough-especially if one’s birthday is just around the corner! hehehe…. Enjoy your day ๐Ÿ™‚



  4. When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and
    now each time a comment is added I get three emails with the same
    comment. Is there any way you can remove people from that service?



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