Toothaches are like the Dementors


Toothaches are powerful. It can destroy your mood, break the routine of your day and with the current toothache that I had this week, to lightly put it, it just sucks up all the happiness out of a person.

I’ve had a root canal done in Japan on a suspicious tooth that was screaming shi*t last year. The procedure had been done in a hurry because I did not have much time. Normally it would take about five visits but the doctor did it in three. I thought I had it all figured out. A year later (now) the suspicious tooth is screaming mad again. The pain would come and go at the command of an Advil. I let it be because I don’t fancy going to the dentist. Who does anyway?

I went to the dentist because the pain had been too much that it almost stopped everything I’m doing, including work and blogging. Which is not cool. When even the blogging stops, that means something is wrong in my world. An x-ray was taken but since the suspicious tooth is dead, having no nerve anymore because of the root canal, the doctor (and me) was surprised why I’m feeling the shitty sensation. A close up x-ray revealed that I have a botched root canal. WTF. Is there ever a term? A “root canal” in itself is hell and a botched one? Pardon me but #$%&@*%@#.

The x-ray looks like the filling called gutta percha (see illustration is you’re brave) didn’t reach the end of the canal. With the hollow part at the end, bacteria might have entered creating infection. “Might”. She was not sure so I went to another dentist in Dubai Healthcare City – a community where specialists clinics are located. The new clinic had very up to date, advanced tools and equipment. Impressive! The doctor took a whole mouth x-ray, closeup of the suspicious teeth, photos of each tooth, checked for pockets and discussed with me the treatment proposal for one whole hour. I already sensed with the time she spent on me and my teeth, this must be expensive.

I was billed $150 that didn’t even include the treatment of the botched root canal, just the x-rays and the consultation, assessment. It was expensive but at least I now know that my first dentist was right after all although I didn’t trust her. I took the treatment plan with prices and got out.

Treatment plan: Root canal to be redone, fill the tooth again, crown it, clean everything = 6,000 dhs (US$1,700).

The amount should be able to buy me lots of shoes and an iPhone. Tooth extraction would be the cheaper option but I figured I wouldn’t look nice with a posh shoes and an iPhone if I am toothless. (The tooth is strategically located on the side and can be seen when I smile). But of course, I couldn’t go pay all that $$$ for one tooth!

Right now I am taking a medication to ease whatever inflammation caused by some badass anything somewhere in my that suspicious teeth. Once I finish the meds, I decide whether to go on take Pristine’s college trust fund to be able to pay for one freaking teeth. Most likely? I’ll go to the hardware store, buy some pliers and take all my tooth out. No more future dentist visits! *if only*

10 thoughts on “Toothaches are like the Dementors

  1. I’ve had a rootcanal! The most painful part is the needle in the pallet, which numbs your mouth up to your nose…It was for a front tooth. I also only had 3 visits to the dentist for my rootcanal…the first one they drilled out all the yucky stuff and put meds in it. The second time they drilled and put more meds. The third time is when they put the gutta percha and capped it off….Although my dentist was a root canal specialist, so I had to go to the regular family dentist for a permanent filling. I’m surprized your first dentist couldn’t do it all in 3 visits….Root canals in Canada are pretty expensive too, but only 700-800$ (for a front tooth…molars have multiple canals and cost more).


  2. Weird, I didn’t know root canals took more than one visit…

    I’m so sorry it’s still causing you problems… but I’m guessing that fixing the tooth up right would last you a lot longer than some new shoes… 🙂 Good luck!
    .-= Krista´s last blog ..Bubble Girl =-.


  3. All I can say is OW.
    I mean what idiot botches a root canal? I know it’s not the most pleasant experience in the world and probably not the most easiest to do, but you would thank that would make a person concentrate more(especially if the procedure was rushed)?
    Good luck with that delema-Hopefully you can get it fixed as painlessly and quickly as possible!!
    .-= Kayla´s last blog ..Bamboo Jersey Scarf Giveaway Ends Tonight! =-.


  4. Oh, Grace, I feel your pain… I was one of those that had a tooth pulled because I didn’t want the root canal (The Hubs has no problems with root canal – what a freak!), but then had more problems with my other teeth moving. Then I had to have a dental implant… that cost me $3,500 alone, not to mention the fake tooth that had to go on top of it. Guess what, nothing covered by insurance!
    If you can tolerate it, I recomment the root canal – not that I would have one in the future!! 🙂
    I am a HUGE chicken when it comes to dentists… If I could have the root canal while I was sleeping (like I did with the implant) then maybe I would go for it…. I’m a big baby!
    Good luck and I’m so sorry this is happening to you!!
    .-= Lorie Shewbridge´s last blog ..Visit with my Son, Nikolaus =-.


  5. I literally feel your pain – at least I have in the past.

    I have had a number of root canal treatments, and a significant number have had to re-done due to the same problem you have now.

    Only once did I require an extraction, when there was literally nothing left of the tooth to use.

    Those are scary prices, but the pain is even more scary.

    Warning – it takes a LOT of visits to get it finally sorted – I visited my dentist so often last year the staff joked about inviting me to their staff Christmas Dinner!
    .-= Janmary, N Ireland´s last blog ..Lessons Learned – Faith, emergencies and anatomy! =-.


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