And there goes my Nablopomo


Hello? Anybody still reading the blog? Sorry for the absence. Since going back to work Monday last week, it seemed that someone hit the fast forward button in my life. There’s so much to be done everyday that doesn’t seem to end. This is what I get in return for my 30 days vacation!? Don’t answer that.

So there goes my first Nablopomo breakdown in three years.

I’m slowly coming out for air and hopefully have some spare time to sort out the things I need to do, non-work related – preferably, sort out photos, review my blogging schedule and write more. I’m having a faster internet here in the office than the unbelievably slow 256kbps net speed at home. That should get me going.

Meanwhile, it’s November and we’re having really thick fog in the morning here in Dubai. Fog in the morning means glorious winter weather is at hand! It’s time to go to the beach again! November also means I’m going to add a candle to my cake again in a couple of weeks. Better celebrate that with Rob Pattinson. LOL. Jump to the Twilight saga. Yes, I love that first Twilight movie, never really cared for the reviews. I’ve bought the second book, New Moon at the awesome-mest bookstore in Dubai, Kinokuniya at The Dubai Mall, to get me ready with the movie to be shown here sometime near my birthday. Pristine’s excited too. She already pasted the New Moon poster that came with the book. She’s been saying funny things about the movie and the cast. Err, referring to Edward and Bella as “husband and wife” because they “kiss”. So if you’re unmarried and kiss in front of my daughter, better produce a fake marriage license or better yet, don’t kiss in front of her if she hasn’t been to your wedding.

Oh before I forget, she also said that Jacob and his wolf pack are shirtless (in the movie) because wolves, like dogs and cats, wear no clothes”.

10 thoughts on “And there goes my Nablopomo

  1. I so know what you mean. Having a slow internet connection really puts a damper on blogging, doesn’t it?
    It’s so hard to get back in the swing of things once you’ve *taken a 30 day vacation*.

    That’s so cute that Pristine likes the same movie as you, it would be nice to have a daughter to share girly things with. Of course, having a boy isn’t too bad either!


  2. I’m excited for New Moon too! I read all of the books in a 3 day span. They were all good except for the last (different type of writing, and the characters were all out of character!).
    Oh well.
    I wish I got vacation….If I do then I don’t get payed šŸ˜¦


  3. TWILIGHT!!!! Lol
    I’m the biggest Twilighter, I kid you not-I’m just counting down the DAYS until New Moon comes out šŸ˜€
    It sounds like you’ve been quite busy with work and everything. We all understand how it goes-My internal clock seems to be stuck on that fast forward button your feeling. It’s just unbelievable it’s almost the holidays and then into the new year…
    .-= Kayla´s last blog ..This is Where the Post Title Should Go =-.


  4. I never got into the whole Twilight thing, I don’t get the vampire craze, oh well… to each his, or shoudl I say HER, own… Hope you enjoy the movie. And make SURE you let us know exactly when your birthday is, so we can celebrate with you – you absolutely deserve to be celebrated!!

    I also think you have the smartest little girl on the planet! People who are not marred should not kiss, and yes, wolves, like dogs and cats, do not wear clothes…. Pristine is BRILLIANT!!
    .-= Lorie Shewbridge´s last blog ..Cartoon of the Day: Teenagers, Oh I Remember =-.


  5. I became (embarassingly) addicted when I read the first book, then I devoured the next three quite quickly! I was disappointed with movie, though, the lead actor was so awkward when he should have been so smooth, and they put stuff in there that wasn’t in the book, and there relationship wasn’t as developed as it should have been. Oh, the meadow scene, the most romantic part of the book, it so sucked in the movie!! (Even the most diehards can admit to that, I think!) šŸ™‚


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