Hair today, gone tomorrow and blue skies

Just how random can that title be. Coming up with a blog title kills me, every time.

So, have you casted your bets yet? Why not? Go guess when we’ll have our first rain of the season now. There are so many dates still available and nobody’s going to charge you for anything for the bets, I promise.

Anyway, just to give everyone an update about the weather and the temps here, it’s still warm at 29c at night:

still 29c at night

But living in the desert and surviving the 45C+ summer heat, 29C is cool. I don’t resent 29C, not at all.

Today, I went out during lunch break and at 1:30 pm here in Dubai the sky looked like this:

blue sky jet smoke

Aside from the smoke left by a passing jet, the sky is clear and so blue. That’s a heads-up so you’ll know it won’t rain in Dubai today – so don’t place your bet on November 3!

Just saying – I won’t be giving hints everyday. That won’t be exciting anymore.


On the work front, I came back to office yesterday with people telling me I look fresh, rested and happy. Translating that, they are saying that I looked stale before I left and that I need 30 days straight off several times a year. Why else would they drop hints like that, right!?

Work is normal and not as stressful than I expected but my ears are exploding. How did I ever survive this very loud work place? Everyone’s shouting like either they’re all deaf or there’s a carnival going on that I don’t know of. It’s sad that the ears are involuntarily open like that and my husband is too stingy and won’t buy me earplugs. It’s so different than the offices in Japan where the only sound you can hear is that of the keyboard or your boss’s voice when someone screws up.

grace long hair

Oh and how they commented on my new short hair. Like, “Whoa, we didn’t notice you came in – you looked different!” or “new hair looks nice” and the classic from some of the ladies: “WHY did you cut your hair?” We all know that when someone inserts the word WHY in from of a question, most likely it means they don’t like it.

Or I look like a troll.

Oh well, this is my hair and I can do whatever I want with it. Gone are the days of mad blow drying, hair conditioning, masking, tying and combing. I won’t even have to spend so much time in the shower at the gym or come to work dripping after my lunch break workout. It’s liberating. And that small bottle of my favorite shampoo I brought from Japan? That little darling will last for THREE years.

Grace short hair

“Hello, I’m Grace and I like to take photos in the washroom”

Why the sudden self-exposure on the blog? Thank you for asking. The answer: I’ve had people not recognizing me when I meet them on the street (especially if I have my sunglasses on). So now you know how I look like – long hair gone, short hair it is. Say hi!


  1. ah, we have the same impression of the offices here – the people are too loud. they keep shouting. they fight for a good number of minutes to an hour and then laugh about the fight when they part. it might seem cool but for me, it’s foolish.
    .-= rose´s last blog ..japan ? advanced and secure =-.



  2. I’ll bet that hair feels soooo nice! You look so pretty! Maybe everything seems loud because your ears aren’t covered now!
    3 years for a shampoo? Holey moley. I’m lucky if I get a month out of a bottle of shampoo.

    ooops, did I sound like I don’t wash my hair everyday? Ewww…
    3 years was an exagerration, of course – a little bit out of this world!



  3. Hi, Grace! Long time no talk. I LOVE the hair, and will think about following suit!

    Hope all is well there in Dubai. Are you on Facebook?

    Oh, and I have a new blog — hope you don’t mind me listing you on my blogroll:

    Hugs to you,

    Thanks for getting in touch again, Maria! I was wondering how you’re doing. We’re still in Dubai, obviously – life is ok, summer is almost over here and wer’re anticipating the cooler season of desert winter.
    .-= Maria ´s last blog ..Consumerism Gone Wild =-.



  4. I love the new look – very free and fun looking.

    short hair is so light and free indeed. Everyone’s not used to it yet and they stare..I’ve had long hair for 6 years!

    .-= Robin´s last blog ..Go fish! =-.



  5. I like the new look – it looks cute and fun.

    Thirty straight days without coming to the office – I could cry at how good that sounds right now (I am sitting in my office…).

    Yes, we (expats in Dubai) get 30 days straight off every year but that’s compensation for long work hours (48 hours/week), 1 day only of off per week, working on Christmas…and surviving the hot desert summer!



  6. Cute hair!!! I really like it! Although I liked it long too, you’re just pretty! 🙂

    I will try to remember to get something on my blog tomorrow about your rain bet, I’m totally off this week being at my parents helping my dad recover from knee replacement surgery.
    .-= Krista´s last blog ..18 Weeks =-.



  7. I LOVE your new hair style!!!! And you look lovely. But then, I have always thought so. What does Pristine think?

    Thanks, Maribeth. Hey you really know how it is with little girls…they have to have an opinion for everything! Well, the very first time I came home from the salon she screamed, “Eeeek! Mom, you’ve become a BOY!”

    .-= Maribeth´s last blog ..The Crazy Old Dackel Lady On The Hill =-.



  8. You know, I must have not realized that you had long hair before cause I didn’t notice the short hair until I saw it next to a picture of your long hair!! Lol
    But I think the short haircut suits you 😀 It frames your face nicely!!

    I’m still banking on November 17th the skies will open and it will rain-But only time will tell.

    ..because I don’t post photos of myself in my blog..and the rain thing – we don’t have control about it, we’ll wait and see!

    .-= Kayla´s last blog ..Kick Back and Relax-My Personal Oasis =-.



  9. i looks so nice on you – the short hair, and it shows a lot that you are loving it!

    i’ve had my hair long for a long time that i always chicken out at the hair salon whenever i attempt to have them cut it as short as that! i can only manage to have it cut at a little bit below the shoulder, and even that is still long, i usually collect a bundle of foot-long of hair being cut off.
    .-= Charlotte (Life’s a Charm)´s last blog ..Trick or Treat =-.



  10. You look lovely either way… it is your smile that makes your face sing! I think the people who ask you WHY? are just jealous that you can be so pretty no matter WHAT you do!! Pristine is so adorable telling you that you have become a boy – I bet she laughed that sweet little laugh of her’s as she said it, too.
    I love hairstyles that take no time to do so that you can get either extra sleep of extra time with your little one…That is the most important thing…
    Have a wonderful week!
    .-= Lorie Shewbridge´s last blog ..Cartoon of the Day: Teenagers, Oh I Remember =-.



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