Place your bets on our first rain of the season!

Folksies, today I am back to work so I’ll try to be less sober while I sort out the piles of emails and paper work in front of me. By the time you’re reading this post, I’m in my desk suffering from double vision and painfully missing my daughter at home. Reality bites.

Anyway, just an update about the weather here now – Dubai’s a lot better than when I left for vacation. We still have highs of 33C but the humidity is fairly low and at night, it’s very comfortable and cooler. In the morning, I can see rolls of clouds (in the morning) that gets me excited.

November and clouds could mean one thing – RAIN! The last time it rained in Dubai was last March. So I thought while I get busy catching up with my work, why don’t we play a little game? I promise it’ll be fun!

When do you think we Dubaians will get our first drop of rain of the season?

rain Dubai

Last year, it was around mid-November but with the crazy weather and global warming caused climate changes, we’ll never know! Place your bets and win a prize! Exciting or what?

Here are the rules:

  1. Pick a date from tomorrow, 3rd November onto the 30th (I’m pretty sure it’ll rain before the end of this month so I didn’t include December)
  2. Leave a comment with your date of choice (your bet Dubai’s going to have the first rain of the season). If you leave your blog URL in the comment form, I’ll link to it.
  3. This post will be updated with the names of the commentors as they come in.
  4. You can pick any one date but I’ll open the bets to three people per day only. Once three people have picked a day, that day will be closed.
  5. When the skies open up and we get rain here, with the road getting wet – the road has to get wet so a 10 second drizzle isn’t counted, then I’ll announce the winner(s)! Naturally, once it rains, this contest will be closed.

I’ll include a news clip/article for evidence – rain in Dubai always land in the news so you’ll know this game is fair. 😉

The prize will be something Dubai-themed, I’m not going to reveal what it is yet so it’s a surprise! Now here are the dates, go!

  1. November 3 – No rain!! *CLOSED*
  2. November 4 – No rain!! *CLOSED*
  3. November 5 – CMC No rain!! *CLOSED*
  4. November 6 – Bing No rain!! *CLOSED*
  5. November 7 – Nicole No rain!! *CLOSED*
  6. November 8 – Janil No rain!! *CLOSED*
  7. November 9 – Krista No rain!! *CLOSED*
  8. November 10 – Elle No rain!! *CLOSED*
  9. November 11 – alohalmolly, Hollie No rain!! *CLOSED*
  10. November 12 – Robin No rain!! *CLOSED*
  11. November 13 – Maryam, Karry Knisley, Raelena *3 betters, CLOSED* No rain!! *CLOSED*
  12. November 14 – Over Thirty Mommy, Desai, NJ *CLOSED* * No rain!! *CLOSED*
  13. November 15 – Kaleido, Kristine Sorochinsky, Vishal *CLOSED* * No rain!! *CLOSED*
  14. November 16 – JuliaA, Kimberly * No rain!! *CLOSED*
  15. November 17 – Maribeth, Kayla * No rain!! *CLOSED*
  16. November 18 – Erica, Tanya, Dee *CLOSED* * No rain!! *CLOSED*
  17. November 19 – Luigi@Brochures, Tammy No rain!! *CLOSED*
  18. November 20 – Shruti Jagdeesh No rain!! *CLOSED*
  19. November 21 – Urban Thought, Nicki No rain!! *CLOSED*
  20. November 22 – Mita56 (bet submitted via Twitter) *It rained! it rained! Competition CLOSED *
  21. November 23 – JENNIE, Some Lucky Dog
  22. November 24 – Anton Deleon, Therabreath
  23. November 25 – willowsprite
  24. November 26 – Kate
  25. November 27 – Jingle
  26. November 28 – AB Smith, Tia
  27. November 29 – Cathy
  28. November 30 – Gloridel

Good luck and wish us rain!


  1. We’re having our first really big rains of the season this week, thunder and lightning and everything. It was torrential this morning.

    For Dubai I’ll say 12 November, since that’s my sister’s birthday :).



  2. You must be really missing your daughter. What a tough job, having to work away from home.
    My wild guess is on November 24, 2009 rain will start pouring in Dubai. In some places, like the Philippines, they almost have cursed heavy rains for putting their country in really tough situations.



  3. This is so exciting…I will go for 23rd!!!

    I’m praying that it will rain in Doha on that same day para mas masaya…

    ….sana manalo ako yayyy…



  4. Can i get the 26th if no one has called it yet???

    yes, you can have the 26th or any other date that has only two takers in it. 🙂
    I allow only up to three persons to vote for one date.



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