And speaking of Beyonce

So it’s 6:30 pm, Sunday and this must be the longest time I’ve kept pacing back and forth thinking what to write on my blog. Do I write tidbits about our recent vacation to Japan? or about this morning when Pristine missed the bus because she asked me to take her to school since this is my last day at home (before returning to work tomorrow) or about our weekend trip to Abu Dhabi to see Beyonce?

Oh that! I’ve decided that I wanted to talk about Beyonce. But, but…there are loads of photos I need to resize, edit or watermark and it’s 6:30 pm already. I’m making dinner. The stew is boiling. So in line with the Beyonce story and with my lack of time, I’ve decided to do the shortcut – post a video of a fan I interviewed on the morning after Beyonce’s concert.

Listen to her talk and please dont hold me accountable for all that bad hair.


  1. Oh, my goodness!!! Did she really say that Beyoncé was SEXY?? Does a little girl know this word? Wow! Maybe I heard her wrong. Or maybe she is really a BIG Beyoncé fan! Beyoncé owes Pristine a very big thank you for this amazing adverstisement. Glad she enjoyed the concert! Have a great week, Grace!
    .-= jennifer in OR´s last blog ..Dang, the kid can color! =-.



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