She’s ok, thank you very much

Thanks for all your comments in the post I wrote about my father in-law. While the commentors were all female (as per the commentor’s name displayed), I hope those busy fathers, Japanese or not would have a chance to read it and rethink their relationship with their children. Honestly, I would want my husband to read that post not because of what his father told me but because he, sometimes, is guilty of the same. Sometimes I feel he puts a lot of priority to his work beyond my understanding that he lacks the time for his only daughter.

cooling sheet

Anyway, I’ve also received comments as to what happened to Pristine’s forehead in the last photo where she bade goodbye to her grandfather. No she isn’t injured or something – thanks so much for all your concern. What she has on her forehead is a FEVER REDUCING COOLING SHEET- just one of the Japanese items she’s recently discovered and amazed with. I’ve bought some just in case she gets feverish during our travel and she found it and put it in her forehead even though she has no fever.



  1. I know about this fever reducing pad, I think its called cool-fever. It has been effective for me and my little one. I read your posts and I’m glad I did.. Fathers, though acceptable in the society to be busy with work, shouldn’t take for granted the precious time they should have spent with their family. It is really important to have a constant communication and bonding within the family. 🙂
    .-= Mike´s last blog ..Logo Coolers And Lunch Bags As Promotional Giveaways =-.



  2. Aw, that’s cute of her lol. I think I’ve seen these patches around here.

    It seems fathers all across have the globe have that in common. At some point in their lives they do realize how much they’re missing for not being there, and I’ve seen some fathers try and bond and make up for the time when they weren’t there for their kids. It’s too sad when the fathers realize what they’re missing when its too late..

    Hey, maybe having a Pristine & dad weekly activity would help? Something they can do once a week. Sometimes when you deliberately set time aside for something you manage to do it, no matter what the work.
    .-= Kaleido´s last blog ..Weeding =-.



  3. I think this is a pretty neat thing to reduce a fever. I have never heard of them before now, but It sounds like it actually works and people have used them and had great results. Thanks for posting this for all of us.

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  4. Hahha…that’s too funny! Emma is the same way with bandaids…if she sees a bandaid she automatically finds an invisible cut on her arms or legs and needs a bandaid. So I can imagine that she would need to wear one of these, too.
    .-= Jacki´s last blog ..Working woman…. =-.



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