Swinging in that side of town

** Photos taken during our trip to Japan in the summer of 2008. **

The hubz’s hometown is located in Northern Japan. Away from the big, bustling city of Tokyo. If you haven’t been to Japan, Tokyo is a great place to explore and if you have gotten tired of it, I always recommend taking a breath of fresh air in the smaller towns.

great plain

The mountains you can see from the photo above are the mountain ranges of the next prefecture that is Nagano. Niigata Prefecture (M’s hometown, #17 on this clickable prefecture map, Tokyo is #13) is a great plain. His parents live here and we live beyond those mountains.

I love to see trees standing like this as if it’s cut up and designed purposedly.

cedar tree

Near M’s school, the father and child team found a rope swing. Pristine immediately asked that she’d try.

park swing

She immediately got the hang of it.

park swing 2

Then tried another swing because the rope swing is a little bit difficult. She must have developed callouses on her feet and palms by holding onto the rope.


Right there in that school ground, there’s a wooden gazebo where you could sit and think about things like…your life. LOL. We frequented this place before when we were dating. We would bring watermelons and Pringles and just chat away the time.

school gazebo

It’s wonderful to just sit there, savor the crisp, clean air, talk. I’d love to do that again – only without Pringles this time.


  1. Wow! The place will make anyone say ‘Wow!’. I can see the perfection beyond the simplicity of the place. Anyone who would grow up there will really have a happy childhood because of it’s surroundings. Nature at its best. It’s like I can breathe the fresh air by just looking at the pictures. I love how you blogged about this. Very nice. Thank you for sharing.



  2. Oh those pictures are just so beautiful! I bet that landscape is WAY better then those pictures 😀
    Although, I’ll have to settle for looking at the pictures. Lol
    It’s so good to hear that you guys are having a good time!!
    .-= Kayla´s last blog ..Slapdash Sunday(10/4) =-.



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