Vacation time came faster than a bullet train


Vacation time has come!

I will be on vacation for a couple of weeks but have posts lined up for the coming days. So that means, I won’t be absent blog-wise! There will be some new feature while I’m away to keep you entertained:

  • features about either Japan or Dubai on Mondays – need to get the photos and stories posted as they are long overdue!


  • Wordless Wednesday photos, as usual


  • On Thursdays, a peek into my wishlist where you can read about my love for certain material things (does that sound so evil? Promise you, it’s not)


  • It’s giving back time on Fridays (surprise)


  • Great fitness post straight from the horses’ mouths on Saturdays! Stay tuned if you want to have a bikini ready body not just during summer but all throughout the year! I’ve got some of my fitness inspirations agree to guest post for me!

I still have to figure out what to post on the remaining two days. Maybe when I can get hold of a PC with internet, I might be writing from Japan. There will be internet at where I’ll be but not sure how much online time I can sneak in.

So, I’ll be popping in to write posts, hopefully posts photos and log in to Twitter. But I’ll be honest, this will be like a mini-blogging break too so there will be no giveaways for this month. I’ll come back with more when I am back from vacation and ready to roll again.

Will leave you for now because I need to run home – yes I am still in the office (and blogging this) despite leaving in a few hours! Pristine’s waiting for me at home. The little traveller is so excited!

Wish us a safe and painless journey, will ya?

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