Parallel parking for idiots

It’s been a week since M left for Japan for a business trip. You’d think I’m celebrating the extra space in our bed but no, our bed is not even that big (you’ll be shocked at the size if I tell you) and on the contrary, I find it difficult to sleep without him. Yes, we do argue from time to time (what married couples don’t?) but everytime he’s not here, I truly appreciate the things he does daily.

Really simple things like driving me to work, taking out batteries, fixing the PC (if there’s trouble), dealing with the octopussy wiring stuff, home accounting, paying the bills, cooking authentic Japanese food at times. He does all that.

I went to the video shop yesterday to return DVD’s we borrowed [wait, before anything else, you should really, really watch Hairspray (the Shake & Shimmy Edition), if you still hadn’t!] and I needed to park.


And not just tinge of sweat staining my clothes but sweat, the flooding type. Ick. The people around are watching. Hello? Is there anything special with a chick (sweaty one) trying to park a small car?

They ignored my dagger looks.

I’ve been driving for 8 years now but still suck at parallel parking, you bet, especially if there are people looking at me. What do they expect anyway? That I would fender-bender the two cars in front and behind me? Hah, I may be sweaty and slow but that ain’t gonna happen! (I hope!)

I’ve been driving to and from work everyday since he left (and until I leave for vacation to join him on the first week of October). I dread driving here ever since that episode but what can I do? It’s too hot outside. I’ve been using the bus since the start of Ramadan because of the shortened hours and M can’t go home early. It’s no fun to wait for the bus with the afternoon sun glaring and the temperature is 110F (or more) and you can’t even DRINK water in public because yeah, baby, it’s the month of fasting.

Thou shall not insult the hungry and thirsty people around you.

Since M left, I’ve been doing the things he does and not minding it at all. Except the driving part. That’s really my husband’s thing, not mine. I really don’t like chest pains in the morning.

So anyway, I’m really just trying to write that it’s safe to say that I miss my husband and I need him. For the meantime, I’ll be practicing the driving equivalent of brain surgery <- great resource!

17 thoughts on “Parallel parking for idiots

  1. Parking can be a hassle when people are watching. I especially hate it when they are trying to “help”. Totally annoying.
    But I taught myself to completely ignore them long ago (along with the cars that have to wait behind me until I am out of the way). It made me much more relaxed. Although, since the drivers in Dubai seem to be a lot worse than here in good ol’ Germany, it might be harder to do there.

    But what actually just struck me harder in your post is the “not being able to drink anything in public during Ramadan” thing. Why would you do that?
    I mean, respecting other people’s religious beliefs is all very nice, but potentially risking your own health just out of consideration is taking the respect thing a bit too far in my eyes. If they wanna go around all day risking dehydration and fainting or whatever for some strange superstition, fine. But why should you be forced to do the same, if you don’t even share their beliefs?
    I get that you wouldn’t munch on something delicious while standing beside all those hungry people, because that would just be unnecessarily mean (although I would probably have fun doing it anyway, after all, nobody forces them to fast so it’s really their own fault if they are hungry).
    But drinking in such a hot climate is a whole other kettle of fish. If I was there during that time you bet I would keep my water bottle with me and drink from it in public.

    .-= samulli´s last blog ..Is it Thursday again already? =-.


    • I was about to write in the post “Thank God I don’t live in Europe or Germany!”. When I visited Germany some 3 years back, I’ve noticed that most of the parking style are parallel parking…is that true in all places there? or only in the ones I’ve been?

      Regarding the not drinking in public although I was on verge of dehydration – I just…just couldn’t do it. I might go and hide somewhere to drink but it’s usually too hot to walk and find that hiding place.


  2. Hi!
    I really don’t see why you can’t drink in public. Not evey muslim is required to fast anyway! Children, the infirm and elderly, the pregnant women and the menstruating women are not required to take part. So really, I don’t see what all the fuss is about! Do they think all the pregnant women are going to go hide out to have a drink of water?


  3. I do the same when Mr. Man is gone. By the time I get adjusted, he comes back but the whole time he’s gone, I’m ill-adjusted. Mr. Man doesn’t do crap around here so I don’t miss those things. I just don’t like the night time terrors of noises and bumps in the night.
    It’s not long till your vacation starts, hang in there!

    .-= mannequin´s last blog ..egads!! =-.


    • I’ve pretty adjusted 10 nights after he left but still, I feel I really need him inside the house even though I want to strangle him at times (esp when I’m hormonal)!

      8 sleeps until vacation!


  4. I’m almost 20 and in the US, we get our licenses at 16 (Well, permits at 15, licenses at 16).
    Even though I got my license when I was 16, I have yet to drive by myself because of my illness.
    So unfortunately, I haven’t had to practice Parallel parking and I DREAD the day that I have to >.<
    You are a braver woman then I!
    And I'm sure you will be with your husband in no time =]

    .-= Kayla´s last blog ..Small Talk Six-I ❤ Autumn =-.


    • She would love it for sure. Even I would. I can’t wait for the time I can take her to a broadway show..(we tried once in London but wasn’t admitted coz she was just 2 1/2 that time!)


    • Sometimes we only know what we’re missing once they’re gone! My hubby is McGyver and Handy Manny around the house…I feel such a klutz without him around.


  5. PS I love hairspray! I was lucky enought to win tickets to the broadway show when I was in New York, and by the end, everyone was dancing in the isles 🙂


  6. I know how you feel about driving, I hardly EVER drive anymore since my disability, The Hubs drives almost all the time. However, he cannot parallel park to save his life, and HE knows it. 🙂 He will try to find any other spot to park. Sorry to admit it, but when he ran a dry cleaners in our downtown area, we used to be the ones laughing at the people trying to parrallel park in front of the store, but only because we knew The Hubs couldn’t do it either.
    Hang on…. you’ll be with your hubby soon.
    .-= Lorie Shewbridge´s last blog ..DigitalRoom.Com 18×24? Rolled Poster Print Giveaway =-.


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