She’s back in her groove, at last

The most awaited post-summer event has come into my daughter’s life – it’s back to school!! After what seemed to be forever, Pristine’s back to school and very excited about it! She even woke up at 4 am for three days straight – prior to the first day of school!

When I was young and going to school, I would jump for joy at the sound of “summer vacation” or “no classes due to typhoon or flood” (seriously) but my daughter? No school/classes is like some kind of punishment for her. It’ll make her sad, sober, lonely and wanting assignments. How many kids want assignments!?

I have a Hermione Granger in my hands!

Last Tuesday, we went for an induction program. She’s in Year 1 now, already a biggie!


It was a hot summer day (when will the heat end? it’s September already!) so she asked if she could use my sunglasses. Right after taking this photo, she was too excited to go inside the school building thinking her friends and classmates were already there so I wasn’t able to take that much photo outside. Besides, it’s so hot and my camera fogged immediately, again.

She rushed, running for shelter and went inside the building. Greeted the teachers who were there and had a huge, huge smile on her face.

Pristine inside the school

The scene almost looked like Harry Potter saying, “Hogwarts is my home.”

Layla and Pristine

The induction program is supposed to start at 9:30 am but this IS Dubai, not Japan. Naturally, people started coming at 10 o’clock! Pristine jumped for joy when she saw her best friend, Layla.

They’ve been together in the same school since Kindergarten 1, when they were both 3! Layla’s from Egypt and they both speak English to communicate with each other. I hope one day, they teach each other the 2nd language they respectively use at home. Wouldn’t it be interesting, Layla teaching Pristine Arabic and in turn, Pristine teach her Japanese!

So, that was Tuesday. Since then, Pristine had been waking up at 4-5 am every day thinking it’s school day already. Antsy, antsy, antsy! This morning, that “real” first day of school day came.

Giddy at the elevator:


Waiting for the bus:

Ready for school

Bus pickup is at 7 am – that means I need to wake up at 5:30 am everyday. My happy days are over (and hers is just starting). I’m sure she’ll have lots and lots of stories to tell later tonight!

How’s the first day of school in your home?


  1. Oh, she is just too cute!! She is definitely not camera shy Lol
    I’m glad she was excited for school-That’s always a wonderful thing =]
    I am definitely the same way when it comes to school time.
    Hopefully this year will hold wonderful things for her!



  2. what a cute post, how exciting that she’s so excited. We haven’t started back yet here, one more day, then we’re off to middle school..i don’t know who’s more or him!! Adorable little girl you have.



  3. What a blessing that she gets so excited about it! I was listening to the radio this morning and the reporters were describing how the beginning of school is all “doom and gloom” for some!



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