Countdown to Dubai Metro Opening (5 more days!)

Photos obviously not taken by me – I received these photos via an email circulating in the office or in the UAE. The most awaited event of 2009 in the UAE will be open to public 5 days from now, on September 9, 2009. I don’t know about that date but the government seems to love the idea of the number series “9-9-2009 or 999”. I don’t like to see it reversed.

Dubai Metro

Anyway, there’s so much anticipation of the opening of the first rail system in the UAE as well as expectations – mostly, that it will significantly reduce traffic. That we’ll have to see!

Dubai Metro

Short facts of the Dubai Metro Red Line:

  • Operates from Jebel Ali, runs along Sheikh Zayed Road to Rashidiya, has a total distance of 52.1 km (about 32 miles).
  • The Red Line runs from Rashidiya Terminal along the Deira side of Dubai Creek, past the Dubai Airport and Deira City Center to the Union Square interchange with the Green Line. The track then goes under the creek to the Burjuman Center at the Khalid Bin Walid interchange, also with the Green Line, emerges from its underground section shortly after and follows Trade Center Road and Sheikh Zayed Road to the Jebel Ali Terminal.
  • Total number of Red Line stations is 29, with 10 opening on 09 September 2009

Tthe completion schedule of the Dubai Metro has been well talked about. This time, they will open on time but it doesn’t mean there’s no delay – only 10 stations will be opened.

But we’re still excited about it. Dubai just don’t run out of new things coming up.

9 thoughts on “Countdown to Dubai Metro Opening (5 more days!)

  1. How exciting! It looks incredibly busy there! I can’t even stand to drive in congested traffic here and it is nowhere near that traffic flow. Hope to see pictures of you riding on that! For some reason, I love pictures of the inside rail systems. Intriguing for a small town girl.

    That traffic flow you are seeing in the photo is the “mild”, very mild version than what it was 2 years ago (when we arrived in Dubai). On some days, esp if there’s an accident, traffic is worse.

    I do not like driving here at all.


  2. It’s UAE’s first? Will it connect from Dubai to Abu Dhabi or just within Dubai? Sorry for the ignorance. šŸ™‚

    Just within Dubai first..but they are planning a national railway to connect all the emirates. It will be in the next few years.
    All questions are welcomed in my blog. šŸ™‚


  3. My sister just went to Dubai as a supervisor to one of the stations.She has been telling be about her work there but its exciting to finally see where it is, through your blog, since I didn’t really researched where she is working right now.


  4. I am amazed at all that traffic!! If it does eliminate half of it, that would be a terrific thing. I, too, cannot wait to see pictures of you and Pristine “riding the rails”. Thanks for sharing this exciting news with us. You know I love learning about foreign cultures. šŸ™‚


  5. Hi, i was one of the lucky few who was hired to be a station master for Dubai Metro. A station master is a landlord of the station. It is quite a challenging task because it involves details. we have to check / inspect the station at least 2x a day for each shift (and we have 3 shifts). We do this because we want our station to be flawless and free from harm. it is the first and longest driverless train. I am happy to be a part of history!!! 9/9/09 at 9:09pm, our train will open to the public!!! hoping to see you ride there


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