To Japan, again

A little less than a month from now, we will be off for a vacation to attend a wedding in Japan. We didn’t really plan to travel this year if my brother in-law didn’t decide to get hitched. We’ll only be in Japan for two weeks since Pristine has to attend school and we need to keep her absence to a minimum.

It will be another long haul flight for us. The hubz has to travel 2 weeks ahead for work, leaving me alone with parenting duties aboard the plane again, just like last year. Oh well, if Pristine isn’t an easy traveler, I would have sneaked in a live rattlesnake in his luggage.


We’re taking a different airline this time – a quest to try all the different airlines in the world. Okay, “ALL” sounds too ambitious so let’s say “most”. We’ll be taking Singapore Airlines this year with route: Dubai -> Singapore(10 hours) -> Singapore -> Narita (7 hours). Total travel time is 17 hours, excluding about 2+ hours of layover when changing planes in Singapore. Then we’ll have to travel for another 4 hours by car to my in-laws hometown.

Can you imagine how many movies we’re going to watch on board and how many in-flight meals I NEED to skip (I do not like in-flight meals)?

Nevertheless, it is autumn in Japan and I look forward to the less heat and warm colors around.


Now if only I can find warm clothes somewhere in my closet full of summer shirts…

25 thoughts on “To Japan, again

    • Seventeen hours of sitting is a pain in the a*s, LITERALLY speaking! 🙂
      Autumn in Japan is nice. It’s my favorite season of the year…speaking of autumn, is it autumn in Germany yet? It is still very summer here in Dubai! >.<


  1. 17 hours is pretty long for a flight..but I usually do a 21 hour train ride trip to get from ontario to new brunswick! I know everyone is thinking “you can go do stuff on a train” but you really can’t, unless you have acess to dining cars (you have to be in first class to do so). So we usually pack food, and lots of movies on the laptop, and veg out until its time for bed!
    Hopefully your flight will go over smoothly 😉


    • Do you get to lie down on that long train ride? I really, really would love to get on one of those cross-country type of long train trips!


  2. Oh how exciting! I hope you take lots and lots of pictures and try to make the plane trip an adventure for Pristine. Maybe have her draw a book. Or bring a craft project that she can do easily. Let’s see, How about home made paper dolls and clothing? Here is the link
    By using pre-cut forms you can bring crayons and she can work to design the clothes and then also have them to play with. If you use a heavier printer paper they’ll stand up pretty well.


  3. What a long flight! Pack snacks and an Kindle.
    I do not envy you but every time I fly, I am just amazed to land someplace totally different. It never fails to amaze me!
    Oh how beautiful Japan looks, I can’t wait to see more!


    • I have a big hand carry stuffed with a set of fresh clothes for me and P, then some healthy snacks for me so I won’t have to dig in to the greasy stuff in the inflight meals…and some books, crayons, etc for the babe. No budget for a Kindle for now!

      Japan is yes, pretty in Autumn.


  4. Take me with yoooooooooooooooooou!! Lol
    Oh, I’m so looking forward to the pictures your going to take 😀
    And congratulations to your brother-That’s quite exciting!!


    • Hopefully, I’ll take photos to post — which reminds me, I need to put up the photos from last year’s trip in the blog ASAP. 🙂
      Wish I could take you with me but I will spare you from my in-law’s family drama…LOL


  5. I can’t wait to see the pictures….. That is going to be a long flight, but I had a friend who flew to Japan on Singapore Airlines and she loved it. I hope it all works out well for you both. (And for your hubby, too, without the snake, because I doubt Samuel L. Jackson will be on his flight 🙂 )


    • That’s what I am wanting to find out, the Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 (biggest airplane in the world). But we will be sitting in economy so I doubt there will be any difference?

      Hubby will be leaving next Sunday – I need to pack his luggage…he is such a bad packer and end up forgetting lots of essential things like underwears!!


  6. Hi!
    No, only the people in first class sleeper cars are able to lie down really….I go in econo class, so its like a slouching chair, just as comfortable as any airplane seat I guess.
    There isn’t much to see on the eastern leg of the trip in Canada, its all just forest and marshes…In western Canada you see all the rockey mountains! Many people go out west just to go on the long train ride 🙂


    • Yeah, I don’t like to eat in-flight meals and usually just consume the fruits or the bread. But now that I am eliminating white bread from my diet, I have to pack something for myself to eat on the long flight!

      Yes, we’ll meet in Singapore. Details on the email!


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