Check. Check. Check. Huh?

I made a terrible mistake today and I’m writing this post after I have dipped my head in a bucket of ice for an hour. Seriously.

We will be traveling in October and while we’re going to be separated into two groups: the hubz travelling 2 weeks earlier than Pristine and I (because of work), we planned to come back together, be in the same plane together as we leave Japan.

M has booked mine and Pristine’s flight last night. Great. Now, since he has to ask his boss for permission regarding his itinerary he wanted to book his flight the day after (today). He called me that his boss has said yes and I can proceed booking for him. At that point, he can’t select our desired schedule in his PC anymore. The price has changed. So he asked me to try in mine.

And I did. I was excited that the flight was available and the price was what we wanted. I had to book real fast. The booking task was quick. How difficult can it get? I’ve done this so many times.

When the dust settled, I realized something was wrong – only after I received the booking email (after making the payments and finalizing it) that he is scheduled to travel ONE DAY ahead of Pristine and me!! I booked him with the same flight numbers as mine but didn’t check the date.

So dumb. Excuse me while I dip my head in cold water once more.

Right now, M is still pacing to and fro across the room thinking what to do with me or with his flight. He could change the booking I made for him for a cancellation fee. He is frugal and careless mistakes that incur fines do not suit well with him.

Update: All is well. I am forgiven and after paying the cancellation/rebooking fees, I simultaenously said goodbye to my dream of buying a small point and shoot digital camera.


  1. I’ve booked the wrong month once. I had to travel the 28th of February and return the 4th of March. But I got to the check in counter and it sais my ticket was for the 28 of January! So I had missed it by a month! I was soo distraught, the agent put me on standby for my flight (same plane and take off time) and didn’t charge me extra! Thankfully I got on with a standby ticket, because the plane was very small (like 25 seats) and two other people were also standing by. When I got on, I realised we all just fit! There were no more seats left…



  2. That must happen to people all the time don’t worry… Now what happened to your blog, it looks bare!

    LOL! yes, bare was what I felt these past few days and it shows in the blog!! Well, better do something about it. I’m changing the theme soon. Soon!



  3. Uh Oh! I’m sorry to hear about the little mistake…But you know, mistakes like this happen-It’s best just to brush them off and try to salvage the situation.
    Good luck!!



  4. momma said there would be days like this! you could show him you sopping wet hair and your blue face and maybe he would take pity on you. i know you have it all worked out by now. i am excited…i know with you traveling, i will get a fun travel along with lots of pictures….whaahoo!!!



  5. Poor thing… been there; done that!! It was with the first husband… only he was NOT a forgiving man (hence the FIRST husband part). I’m glad it all worked out, but sorry about the point-and-shoot camera, it’s always sad when you have to give up something you’ve set your heart on. Look at the bright side, you won’t have to travel alone with Pristine twice! That’s a good thing… you’ll get to spend some great time as a family and we’ll all get to see some wonderful family pictures from Japan! I cannot wait to see Pristine in wedding attire!
    Have a wonderful week….. 🙂



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