Like match sticks blown by the wind

The cause and nature of the collapse of a six-storey building in Dubai last Sunday, just  merely less than 2 kilometers away from where I work, is not known but the photos say it all.

From the look of things, it seems that it is a controlled demolition. You know, Dubai not wanting anything older than cheese…

building collapse in Dubai

But news spread very fast via Twitter with first hand accounts of people who said that this was NOT a controlled demolition but an accident.

building collapse in Dubai

Can you believe this was not even an old building, rotten with age so it collapsed. It is a new building under contruction and nearing completion!

The ruins up close:

building collapse  in Dubai

I am not a construction engineer but I honestly don’t think those pieces of steel that look like matchsticks can hold tons of concrete weight in that six-storey building. Just, no way.

What I don’t understand is that while this landed in the front page of an online paper here a couple of days back, it seems that no one is interested to know what really happened, if it’s really true that there were no casualties (local news says the workers evacuated before the building collapsed – they must all possess the power of The Flash to escape death that swiftly) and most importantly, if the other existing buildings are safe and won’t end up like this!

Construction rush is a bitch.

Photos not mine, they were taken by a work colleague.


  1. I’m thinking that if no one was in the building then it must have been planned unless it happened during a non-work day. My goodness, my home is older than 6 years! LOL!



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