I can has cool, refreshing shower


UAE tweeters were buzzing about something interesting this morning. A very cool topic, actually.

In the news: Iceberg – solution to Middle East’s fresh water supply problem.

Icebergs could provide untapped quantities of pure water to satisfy the thirst of the Middle East by creating an alternative to desalination without the generation of air or marine pollution, according to Russian researchers.

I know the need of fresh water in an arid area like the Middle East but seriously now, icebergs!?

Russian scientist, Hamid Khalidov has outlined five methods of capturing water from icebergs. These include towing them from the North Pole, Alaska or Greenland to the coast of Saudi Arabia – where plants will be built to receive the mammoth chunks of ice.

I wonder how they plan to prevent that mammoth chunk from melting when it nears the hot and humid region of the coast of Saudi Arabia?

Someone tweeted: “I wish font size can be customized in twitter so I can type the letters WTF really big.”

The whole story and the interesting comments can be found here.


  1. Hmmm, interesting, if the Russian researchers really thinks that it is possible to take the Iceberg in the Middle East region to support their water needs, well then good, The question is how are they going to do that, it melts on a hot temp and how much will be the cost?



  2. hahaha this is hillarious! Does this Russian researcher think Russia will give up an iceberg in their ocean limit? Fresh water is so precious, even we wouldn’t give one of our icebergs up! (I’m in Canada)
    Maybe if they bought it from the americans…but the north pole and greenland are off limits.



  3. This is really strange, besides the logistics of getting it there, what is the impact to our environment?

    Poor Mother Nature, we are slowly destroying all of our natural resources, we really need to conserve and think about the next generation.



  4. I read about this project several years ago. Even icebergs
    are a high quality source for water, towing them to the middle east
    is something weird. We can see the top of the ice, but the iceberg
    has kilometers in deep



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