Kids Fashion Week Day 4: Surf’s Up!

Day 4 of the Kids Fashion Week is all about the beach. Naturally, the kids were in their bathing suits. I pity them for wearing skimpy suits and exposing so much skin especially inside Dubai’s mall where it’s freezing.

The dressing room is far from the fashion show venue. The kids had to go out in the basement parking where it’s hideously hot and hellishly humid then come inside the freezing mall.

I captured a photo of the kids looking like this:


It’s really a wonder no one was sneezing as they came up the stage. I wish I had brought Pristine’s bath robe to cover her up. Poor girl.


But afterwards, the kids ran to the stage and maybe felt warmer. The fashion show started on time and the kids are getting used to the drill. They all wait for their turn to come the stage, amazingly calm as ever.

Pristine 1

Can you see a hint of purplish-black spot on the right side of her forehead? That was the bump she had. Hadn’t been for the beige concealer, it really looked scary.


But the show must go on…


After the show:


The kids after the show, competing as to who gets to be in the center! Right after taking this photo, I saw my daughter getting elbowed and pushed back by butt (really!) by the girl next to her. Being non-confrontational (to a fault!) kid as always, she never elbowed back or said anything and just turned back in defeat and looked for another place.

My husband was so upset since he took the video and saw the entire kid drama.

Pristine had a long lecture that night. We (most especially, my huz) explained to her that she should not let people (even kids) elbow her like that. Everyone needs to stand up for himself/herself. She doesn’t need to elbow back but has to declare her own place without violence.

I just wish that girl’s parents gave a lecture to their daughter too. That hurting other people in order to reach the top (or in this case, take the center stage) is not a good thing.


  1. Geez. I know that kids can be pushy very early but somehow when it’s in this context, it’s even more scary. What on earth was the little girl thinking? I guess it seems more innocent if it’s just the cafeteria line, pushing and shoving over food.

    I couldn’t believe how the other girls, young as they are, were already very focused and wanting to WIN. The fashion show, was after all, a competition…but maybe my fault for not telling Pristine about it. I just wanted her to while away her summer time and just enjoy with the other girls…



  2. Bless her little heart. I can see, very clearly, the bruise on her forehead.
    How wonderful that your daughter is kind a non-confrontational. Just keep telling her that there is a difference between being nice, and being toooooo nice. She will be just fine:-)

    That’s the problem. Pristine is TOOOO nice and I am not saying this because I’m her mom. Even when she was in daycare in Japan, if someone gets her toy, she would readily give and say, “sharing”. LOL



  3. Hmmm… being a parent, it’s hard sometimes seeing our own kids being unfairly treated or even bullied. My son is very accommodating as well that sometimes, I too wish he is more assertive. But on the other hand, it makes me think that if he is the assertive one, he might end up being the big bully instead!

    You are right. It would worry me too if she becomes too aassertive and become a bully. I don’t like that to happen



  4. That’s a nasty bruise! And I bet that other girls mother gave no lecture. I’m guessing she wouldn’t have done it in the first place if she knew better. 🙂



  5. Pristine looks so adorable and I think she had a wonderful time… even with the bruise and the elbowing! I’m sure the niceness will be noticed by the right people and she will come out ahead in the end!! You are doing a wonderful job of parenting as can be seen by the smile on her face!



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