Should the airline company pay?

lost baggage

M (my huz) works for the travel industry and while I am not allowed to discuss things about his clients in this blog, I will still discuss his recent client because I think they are crazy.

And me? I jump out to write whenever a crazy situation arise. Who’s to stop me.

Two ladies were travelling to Dubai from Malta on their way back to their country in the East. The huz took care of them starting from when they arrived at the airport – where the chaos started. One of the ladies’ checked-in luggage was LOST. Because the two tourists could barely speak English, M helped them go to the airline office, filled-out forms for them and at their request (more of a demand, he says), accompanied them to a 24-hour store because the lady needs to buy shampoo, clothes and other essentials. She refused to use the hotel’s shampoo. M then took them to their hotel.

It was already 4 am.

(The plane landed at 12 midnight – I can’t imagine being out of the house at these hours but M does this all the time.)

A few hours later, the airline people called M that the lost baggage has now been found and they are on their way to her hotel to deliver it.

The lady got all her stuff back.

Then this is the point that we would all assume she’s happy and smiling and bouncing off walls, right?


She is still raging mad and wants to claim “damages”. She wants the airline company to pay for the shampoo and clothes she bought earlier because “Had my baggage not delayed, I wouldn’t have spent money on these!”, is her drama.

And she speaks almost zero English which means my husband has to bear with her bitching and explain her insanity to the airline office.

Can you believe it? She wants the airlines to PAY for the things she would keep anyway. Her bag wasn’t even lost, just got to her a few hours late!

I don’t like my baggage being delayed (not happened before, thankfully) but I do think it is better than it being lost. And once I get hold of my fresh panties again, I assure you I wouldn’t even say a thing and just jump out and embrace my trunk.

Have you experience lost/mishandled baggage in any of your trips? How did you handle it?

10 thoughts on “Should the airline company pay?

  1. I’ve never had anything misplaced but I think if I had, I would chill, check in, wait a reasonable time and formulate a plan.

    Doesn’t it seem that some people just wait for trouble, the chance to pounce? She seized the moment alright!


  2. I worked in a hotel for years. People do not surprise me anymore.

    I can only imagine…sometimes people can be so illogical that I wonder, “what kind of upbrining their parents did for them to make them become like this?”


  3. Assumingly, the lady was probably just frazzled over the idea that her baggage was lost. Of course, add the anxiety of being in another country and not being able to speak english. The demand, as absurd as it sounds like, does have its points. Maybe she was travelling on a tight budget and an unwanted expense was something she was avoiding. Nevertheless, if it was indeed the airline’s fault, then i guess they should pay up. It’s no different with the idea of a delayed flight and the airline pays for your hotel. It’s natural, they cause the inconvenince then they will at least offer some alleviation.


  4. Unfortunately some people will always try and find a way to make a crises out of a small drama, perhaps your man should send them a bill for his time which from the sounds of things was donated free of charge. It would be more understandable if the baggage had actually been lost .


  5. For a few hours, I don’t think they owe her anything… If it had been lost for more than that — maybe. I once had my luggage “misplaced” for TWO DAYS. I was lucky enough to be staying with my step-son and daughter-in-law (who happends to wear about the same size clothing as I do), so I didn’t have a huge expense, but I do think they should have conpensated me in some way. As long as her luggage was returned by the next morning – before she had to get ready for the next day, I see no harm, inconvenience yes, harm NO.


  6. I’ve had lost luggage, and it was an inconvenience, but the airport employees have always been very kind. I only get really irritated, if I get “bumped” because a flight has been overbooked…in that case, I believe that the airline should pay for meals and overnight accomodations, along with any necessary clothing, and personal items!


  7. I don’t think I’ve ever had my luggage lost or delayed – thank goodness. My BIL was traveling on our buddy pass one winter and his bag was lost which contained his snowboard and all his snow clothes. He was stuck in Tahoe with only his jeans and tee. 😦

    Losing a luggage or it being delayed must be a nightmare and very expensive. I always keep a fresh set of clothes for myself and Pristine in my hand carry, just in case.


  8. My question is, why did she have to buy clothes right away?? And don’t most hotels offer free toothbrushes and toothpaste? No one in their right mind will start buying a whole bunch of stuff until they know how long they will be without something.

    When I was traveling for work several years ago, my luggage was placed on another flight, and so it was delayed a few hours. Thankfully I got it back before I had to head to the customer site. I just went down to the front desk and asked for a toothbrush and toothpaste. No big deal.

    I am pretty sure the airline has a policy about delayed vs. lost luggage. I don’t think she merits anything.

    On the other hand, when Peter moved here to the US, his luggage was delayed a week because the luggage handlers in Copenhagen went on strike. We of course had to go out and buy everything…underwear, socks, pants, shirts, toothpaste, toothbrush, shaver….everything. And you know what…we were never compensated because the baggage handlers were on strike and the luggage wasn’t lost. So yeah, it sucked to have to buy over $100 worth of stuff, but technically the airline didn’t lose the luggage. They knew where it was…there was just no one to put it on a flight for a week.


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