Where’s the baby?

Hear, hear!

There’s a supermarket near our place that we frequented during the beginning of this year. I am acquainted (“acquainted” means hi, hello and bye) with some of the ladies working there since they always stop to chat with Pristine. But since they started charging for parking, we stopped going there and I haven’t visited for the past six months.

Well, anyway the huz and I went there last night for a quick shopping and a Filipino lady in the video shop got out and greeted me:

“How are you? Haven’t seen you for a long time!”

I said I was fine. Oh yeah, I was fine up until she oggled at me and my belly and asked:

“When did you give birth? Where’s the baby?”

*cue horror soundtrack (because I was about to whack her like how Freddie Kruger does to his victims)*


“You WERE pregnant, right?”


Apparently, to some people I was pregnant some months back and now I have delivered since I lost some of the belly. And then the otherย ladies there started gathering around me, excited to see the new bebe.


I don’t know whether to be happy that I lost some belly (I say “some” not all) and that people saw the difference or be sad that all these time that I’ve been roaming around town, some people actually thought I was preggers even if I WASN’T.

What would you do?

15 thoughts on “Where’s the baby?

  1. Oh Grace, I know just how you feel. You see at my heaviest I went to a reunion with Hubby and one of his Pilot friends came running over and asked me when the baby was due!
    Oh I wanted to die with embarrassment! I swallowed hard, fighting back the tears and then said, “I’m not pregnant, just fat!”
    Those words I said, just hurt so much! Especially because I’d really wanted to get pregnant with Hubby’s baby. Sadly that never happened.
    But….I have lost the weight and I am a lot happier now.


  2. Don’t let that get to you. You should take that as a compliment on your accomplishment and your hard-work. ๐Ÿ™‚

    So did you tell her? I guess it depends on her reaction. Some people might feel so bad about that mistake. So you might want to forgive her. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • I told her that no, I wasn’t preggers, just fat! ๐Ÿ™‚
      and told her too that she should pray I’d be pregnant (sincerely told her because I want to get preggers and need everyones prayers LOL) then promised if I have a baby I’ll take the baby to the store to show the baby to her. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. If I were in your position I would have wished if the ground opened and swallowed me up. But honestly, it would give me more inspiration to keep going to achieve that goal.
    Keep on going Grace you are obviously doing something right.


  4. Hi Grace, it sucks that this happened to you but like Anuan said I would focus on the positive and think that people actually noticed the changes. Also, being a Filipino myself, I know how it feels to be told that “you’re gaining weight” or “you need to lose some weight” etc. You know how that goes – I’ve been so immune to it but now they really can’t say anything to me anymore….haha. To me, I just let it go through one ear and out the other. Take this experience to give you more motivation towards working on your health and fitness. You are doing a great job! Just think next time, they might not even recognize you because you will be one HOT(er) mama!


  5. i’m sorry. i got stuck at supermarket and “But since they started charging for parking, we stopped going there and I haven?t visited for the past six months.” i think i reread it like 6 times! but i finally made it past that paragraph.

    i can go you one better. i was in college. a bunch of us went to the state fair. i thought i looked cute as a button. my makeup was perfect. my hair had cooperated. i had on what i thought was the cutest red dress with little white pokadots. the scoop neck and the sleeves were trimmed with white lace. it was the 60s when they had like formless dresses (a full size dress). and i had/have been “well endowed” so it sort of flowed from there. well, everyone decided we should go on the roller coaster. at this point you should know that i am/was 4’8″. i think i was about 20 or 21. none of us are married to these guys. so we go to get on and i am stopped. the attendant says i am too short. ha, no i am not. i just hit the line. the guy sputters… “but lady, you can’t get on, your pregnant!” “no, i’m not…it’s just the dress…see?” i say as i put my arm under my breast so he sees that were it empire style it would hang straight down.

    who wants to bet i had a second date with my escort.

    if you guessed never, you would win the cuppie doll.

    now, 40+ years later, i can laugh. but when i thought about it after the date, i was mortified! i knew what the result would be. and i was right!


  6. I would say be happy now. They obviously think you look better now – and not pregnant – so I’d say take that as a compliment. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  7. Oy! The other day when leaving my grandmother’s apartment building she was showing off my two boys to the people outside. My boys are almost 6 and just 2. As my grandmother and boys were walking off I barely heard one of the ladies talking to me. Stupid me, I went back to be polite and ask what she said. She was asking me when my next was due. I am overweight, yes I know that – however I do not look pregnant. I quickly looked at her and said, “Oh no, we’re all set with two kiddos!” Insert foot in your mouth lady ๐Ÿ˜‰


  8. What an embarrassing situation for all of you! On one hand, you should be VERY proud of yourself for losing the weight and for people actually noticing.

    But on the other hand, I didn’t think you ever looked pregnant, from the pictures you have posted. So I have no clue why they would have thought you were.

    Maybe Pristine told them? Emma is going around telling everyone new she meets that my nephew is her baby brother, so everyone is thinking I have two kids. Then they ask me where he is.


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