Abandoned kitty finds new home via Twitter

If you’re following me on Twitter (you are, aren’t you?), you’ve probably read my string of tweets yesterday about an abandoned kitty that we picked up near our place. The kitty do not look like any of the lolcats I post in this blog. She was weak, hungry and frail.

My mom who couldn’t turn her back on the little critter took her to our home and fed her:


She had a doleful cute face that simply scream: “Take me in, please!”

doleful face

After eating, she regained some of her strength and played with a tennis ball. She seemed to love tennis balls.


Compare the size of the tennis ball with the head to see how small the kitten is.


She also likes to be touched and would stand on her hind legs when my mom reaches out her hands. (I can only watch from a distance and take photos as I am terribly, unreasonably afraid to touch cats!)

playful kitty

The kitten, maybe about a few weeks old plays for 10 minutes and sleeps and plays again. She looks so peaceful sleeping in our kitchen rug – which prevented me from all my kitchen work, including me reaching for Doritos. Thanks to the little kitty, I was Doritos-free yesterday.


Dubai is a transitory place for expat families like us. People and pets come and go and while responsible pet owners who can’t bring their pets back to their home country re-house their pets by asking other families to take them in,  it’s a shame to say that some pet owners leave their pets roaming in the streets.

Simply saying, some people unbelievably throw pets on the streets like how they would throw cigarette butts.

So, last Friday despite being the weekend here in the UAE, I spent an amount of time on Twitter, posting about the abandoned cat, hoping for a response. Some Dubai residents on Twitter retweeted my tweet (pardon the jargon if you’re not on Twitter..basically it just meant someone relayed my message) and now the kitty has a new home thanks to Jay, a radio station DJ with a heart of gold.

We couldn’t keep her since me, the huz and Pristine are all allergic to furry animals. While we know we can’t keep her, we couldn’t turn our backs on the kitty so we were torned yesterday. Here’s hoping we won’t find another stray animal soon!

21 thoughts on “Abandoned kitty finds new home via Twitter

  1. i’m so happy you found it a home.
    My son knew of some kittens that had been left on the street here(it was winter here in canada with snow on the ground)and he had managed to get close to two of them and asked if he could bring one home.We told him he shouldn’t separate them if they had stayed together in the wild so he should bring both. I imagined all sorts of things but i never dreamed of the two long haired gorgeous kittens he brought home.It cost a lot to have them “fixed”so we wouldn’t get more kittens but they have become a wonderful part of our family now.


    • It is really expensive to keep a pet, much more, two cats! But those stray kittens were lucky to have found a nice home with your family. I wish I could take the cat we found but we just can’t.


  2. It was wonderful that your family took in that sweet little stray kitten, and worked hard to find her a home. I can’t stand thinking about the homeless animals, all over the world. It breaks my heart.


    • We’re quite used to seeing stray animals because in the Philippines (where I grew up), there are plenty of dogs and cats in the street. But living in Japan for long and seeing how animals are treated and should be treated, my view on stray animals has changed.

      Yes, it’s heartbreaking to see hungry dogs and cats, especially if we know that they were thrown away, just like garbage.


    • I’m just glad someone responded and took her in. It’s a pity to leave that kitty roaming in the streets – in this hot desert weather!


  3. I don’t Twitter… never have, never will! 🙂 So I didn’t know about the about the kitty, so I’m glad you posted an email! Really glad you found him/her a new home, it’s sooo cute. Too bad you are all allergic, I bet Pristine would have loved a little playmate. 🙂
    Enjoy your weekend.


    • We had to find a new home for the kitty immediately as Pristine was getting too attached to it! Oh the perils of having no siblings to play with!!

      Regarding Twitter, never say never! I told myself that before I joined but I take back all I said. Twitter is not just another social networking tool, I’ve learned so much from other people’s tweet and see…I even found a home for one stray cat thanks to Twitter. 🙂


    • I am terribly afraid of cats. I like to look at them but can’t stand them going near me. Can’t even bear the thought of their nails touching my skin. Too tickling. *shudder*


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