Kids Fashion Week Day 2: Sporty

Day 2 of the Dubai’s Kids Fashion Week has the theme: Sporty. I am amazed how the kids get very involved and actually loving the spotlight.

Near the stage and waiting for her turn, I caught my daughter talking with a fellow kid model older than her (10 years old). What could they be talking about? Pristine asking for any modelling tips?

I’m sure that one of the things the older kid model said to her was, “don’t slouch like your mom!”

Listening to advice

After their little talk, she was feeling ecstatic. And not slouching anymore.

Kids Fashion Week Day 2

On the ramp:

ramp-1  Kids Fashion Week Day 2

Kids Fashion Week Day 2  Kids Fashion Week Day 2

The kids in their sporty outfits.

Kids Fashion Week Day 2

Day 2 ended with Pristine a little bit nervous on the runway. She did not smile at all. Does she know that models have to deliberately pout?

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