Kid’s Fashion Week in Dubai, Day 1

Thank you very much to all who read and commented about my drivel yesterday. Pristine’s contusion was mild afterall, that’s why she didn’t cry. The doctor said everything will be fine except that she’s going to sport a purple line in her forehead in the next three days. I still feel a little bit bad but also a little relieved.

As promised, here’s the background story of Pristine’s participation in a fashion show.

Every year during summer when the temperatures rise and sales drop and go slow, Dubai holds a shopping event called Dubai Shopping Surprises to attract more people to the malls and shop. But shopping is not all there is during DSS, there are lots and lots of events aimed for kids (who can’t go play in the park in the sweltering, hellish heat). One of those events is the Kid’s Fashion Week where they select and train kids to catwalk and model for big kid fashion brands. The thirty minute fashion show stretches to 7 straight days with a different theme each day.

Honestly, I didn’t expect Pristine to be chosen as there were hundreds of hopefuls who auditioned (I heard there were more than 250 – and they selected 30 children). She was selected and invited for a closed door interview (no parents allowed inside!).

The 30 selected new kid models, aged 5-10 years old were trained for 6 days (6 hours/day!) by a professional model trainer and they had so much fun. It was a great summer activity for them!

Anyway, the Kid’s Fashion Week kicked off last Friday at 6:30 pm in Deira City Centre and here are some photos taken during the big event.

Pristine and her friends:

Kid models

That little girl on the right had Lays Potato chips with her but the trainor gave her a break. Enjoy the Lays while you can little girl, coz you won’t be able to touch it when you grow up and become a professional model! ๐Ÿ™‚

During rehearsals:

fashion show rehearsal

The show starts. She looks nervous while waiting for her turn to come up the stage. The Lays girl is behind her. Aren’t they adorable, all dolled up, or what?

waiting in the queue

On the stage…waiting for her turn.


The big moment came.


Just like during practice…go on…

Pristine on the ramp

Nervous smile…

Kid's Fashion Week Day 1

The show finished quickly. Some moms were scolding their children for not walking more beautifully or not smiling wider. Me? I am just too happy that she has built up the confidence she needed to beย able to come up on the stage, walk through that ramp, however short, stop and pose and still managed to give a nervous smile, even in front of a crowd.

I would have fainted already if it had been me.

Kids Fashion Week runs until Thursday at Deira City Centre fromย 6:30 pm to 7:00 pm.


  1. CONGRATS! cute kaayo c Pristine…mura jud cya ug true…simply adorable…with a lot of guts…grabe. i am so sorry with what happened with the last post u had…abi nimo, so nice diay to have a blog like this, people coming from all over the world, especially moms, u can share your feelings with, and not just understands u, but could truly feel how u felt…



  2. Another proud Mummy Moment ๐Ÿ™‚

    Isn’t it amazing how are kids than do things like this, without a thought, and they would terrify us!

    Read an article on Dubai in Sunday Times over a week ago – did you hear about it?



  3. was there nung fri! we’re also there to support our friend’s daughter. saw pristine din, i thought she’s beautiful. keep it up. she’s a future-model ๐Ÿ™‚



  4. She is adorable! Good job to her for being able to do it! And that sure makes me sad to think how some parents treat their children.



  5. Oh Grace… she looks so cute. The picture of her waiting to go onstage really shows those beautiful eyes! Uh oh. What if she now wants modeling classes fulltime?
    I know how proud you must be and it’s great that she had such fun doing it! Inside. Out of the heat.



  6. I can totally see why she was picked out of 250 kids-She exceptionally beautiful!
    And it looks like she had such a great time by all the pictures =]
    That’s a wonderful way to boost their self esteem too.



  7. At some point in her life, she will have to get up in front of a group of people and either talk, sing, or just stand there and look good. Either way, she got great experience from this, and it’s still fun.



  8. How wonderful for you both (and good for you for encouraging her to just do her best – way to go mom!) – she looks like she had fun, and looks beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing those photos.



  9. how adorable! your daughter is truly a beauty ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s no surprise that she was chosen at all..she has a very unique look and lovely features and hair! Who knows! Maybe it’s the start of a career in modeling ๐Ÿ˜€



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