Rest and relaxation, better than roses

The man living inside my house didn’t exactly forget about our 6th wedding anniversary last week. He just didn’t want to say, “Happy anniversary!” or “Thanks for marrying me!” or “I am grateful for these six wonderful years with you.” kind of statements although I am sure he was thinking it. Oh well, anyway…he handed me an envelope with a getaway hotel voucher inside it for the weekend and I was like, whoa, I did not expect this but I didn’t complain.  The man remembered and though I didn’t get sweet nothings, I could use the weekend getaway because hello, I am quite tired of the everyday routine and it’s been a lifelong dream to wake up in the morning without going straight to the kitchen to cook breakfast for everyone and pack lunches and wake up the kid and feed the kid, feed self…and…you get the picture.

We (me, the man and the babe – you know I couldn’t leave her home) checked in at The Palace Hotel in Old Town Burj Dubai. The scene around the hotel was awesome, lots of green (real), a superb pool, great view from our room, moonsoon type showers in the bathroom, etc. Honestly, I didn’t spend time looking around the facilities or check out the smell of the soap or pocket those little bottles of shampoo and conditioner – I immediately ran for the bed and landed head first, nose squished in the marshmallow-like softness of the mattress.


We stayed for two nights, relaxing bythe pool, lazying around in our room, watching TV (Pristine fell in love with Handy Manny. It was love at first sight since we do not have TV at home), lying in bed. Mostly lying in bed. Makes me think – if the rich people can afford this obviously expensive bed and feather filled pillows, throws and comforters, then why the hell some of them are still unhappy?


I would be smiling everyday with this bed and likely wouldn’t be bothered by the negative forces of the outside world! The only problem I would have in my life if I have that same bed at home would be getting up in the morning and going to work.

Hope you all are having a great weekend!


  1. though a bit late… Happy Anniversary!

    wow.. that is so sweet and unique. I’d prefer that, too than roses, chocolates, or any form of jewelry. 🙂



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