Mom lesson: Don’t introduce new words without proper explanation

The long summer vacation is upon us here in Dubai. Last day of school for Pristine was last June 18 and she will go back on September 9  after the Eid (2-3 days of celebration after the holy month of Ramadan) yet so around 14 weeks of very long vacation, tsk.

My mom babysits one of our neighbor’s kids, a boy with the same age as Pristine. They enjoy each other’s company. My mom is a very good babysitter and they have lots of activities at home: spelling contests, crafts, coloring books, playing Lego, hide and seek, snakes and ladders and other board games, napping in the afternoon (the kids need to sleep so my mother can rest too!).

Last night I had a wonderful conversation with my daughter while she laid her head on my shoulders and I am enjoying the scent of her hair (this is my strange habit – I suck all the scent out of babies and kids, don’t judge).

Me: Pristine, don’t you find it boring staying at home all day?

* We could not play outside in the 120+F heat during summer *

Pristine: Hmmm, a little bit boring.

Me: Even with your friend visiting you and playing with you?

Pristine: still boring…

Me: Even with a Wii?

Pristine: still boring…

Me: Even with grandma making crafts and watching dvd’s together, Lego, coloring books…(can you tell my desperation)

Pristine: still boring…

At this point I felt so bad yet couldn’t do anything. I kissed her forehead. And she speaks.

“Mom? …. What is BORING?”


  1. Isn’t it funny when a kid will use a certain word or phrase, and then later on asks what it means??

    Emma keeps telling me she is bored at home and wants to go to school. I hope that attitude lasts until she graduates!

    Jackis last blog post..(Marco) Polo!



  2. My kids do that all the time, using words that they have no idea what they mean…..but in a context that they believe them to be used in LOL.



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