in which I wonder if I am the misinformed

I received a comment on my Atlantis Hotel post that goes like this:

Just look at the beauty that has been created as a direct result of money from and support of the USA, and we can’t even build good roads at home for our own people.

What a Shame.


The IP address of the comment email I got indicates that it’s from someone from the US, or at least, the location where the comment was sent was the US.

Am I missing something here?

I’ve lived in Dubai for just two and a half years and yet not heard of any Dubai milestone project financially backed by America. So I checked Wikipedia (Wiki info is to be trusted right?). The first line says it all:

The Palm Jumeirah is an artificial island created using land reclamation by Nakheel, a company owned by the Dubai government.

I do not have the idea or inkling that the US somehow financed (even partially) to build the Palm Island. Nothing I’ve heard or read of, at least so I don’t know where the commenter got his/her information. I sure want to know…


Anyway, summer is finally here. The temperatures have risen and it’s so hot it could melt all the ice in Antartica within 24 hours. But I can under estimate.

We’re talking about 115F with super high humidity (enough to give you zero visibility when you’re wearing glasses and going outside from an airconditioned building) with lows at 100F. LOWS of 100F! How dare they put the word LOW on that hideous temperature. They’ve  got to be kidding me.

32 thoughts on “in which I wonder if I am the misinformed

  1. Wow!! That is really hot. I think that summer has pretty much ended here in Germany. We had a week or so of temps. in the 80’s but we’re back to highs in the lower 60’s now. I miss the warmth but not the humidity that comes with it here, especially without air conditioning.

    I cannot even begin to imagine lows in the 100’s…yikes!


    • Oh I am sure Iraq is just as hot as it is here. Dubai is a coastal city so the humidity from the sea makes it more uncomfortable.

      I’m not sure about the gasoline money because Dubai’s revenue from oil is less than 6% from the total. Tourism, maybe.


  2. 115? Holey Moley, when it gets near 100 here, people start dropping like flies!

    And… I’ve never heard anything about “money from and support of the US” in regards to Dubai ???? Maybe they mean tourists???
    It would drive me nuts now trying to find documentation to prove or disprove that statement , so I’ll just mosey along now….

    mannequins last blog post..A Sombrero and a Laundry bag


    • We’re not dropping like flies yet (LOL with that comparison!) because all the buildings are with a/c. But I pity the workers having to work outside in the hot sun.


  3. Hhhhmmm….interesting comment. That commenter must have confused Iraq for any country in the middle east – most likely an ignorant.

    Anyway, when you mentioned the temps there, it reminded me of how my husband would always tell me not to complain about the heat over here because there’s nothing compared to the heat that he’s experiencing in Kuwait. I probably shouldn’t…lol.

    Anna @ pathtofatlosss last blog post..What is a Snatch?


    • And this is when I think about your lovely ranch, all the greens around, the trees swaying in summer. Aaah, can I go there now?


  4. It’s in the 110s here, but with much lower humidity (average 20%). Still, we’re spending lots of time indoors; we only go out in the afternoon if it’s absolutely necessary.

    Wikipedia information can be entered by anyone, and I mean ANYONE, so I wouldn’t take the info posted there as fact. It’s just a good starting point.

    Desert Songbirds last blog post..Thursday Thoughts – 7.9.09


    • We are in the same boat with regards to heat! We have a lovely 75% of humidity right now. Urrgghh! It is so uncomfortable to walk outside. Last night, we went to the beach and Pristine was sweating like crazy after 10 minutes. We were out for an hour and she changed shirts 3 times!

      I didn’t know that about Wikipedia. Thought it was something official.


  5. That’s an interesting comment. International Business is my field, and as far as I know the US has never invested any money directly into Dubai. There may be some private companies or individuals who invest, but no government money. Sounds to me like the commenter is an ignorant person who’s unhappy with the way the economy is going in the US right now and looking to lash out. I’m so sorry you were the target. 😦 (Besides, even if the US had invested money into the hotel, how on earth would that be your problem or fault?)

    Annes last blog post..Movie Review: I Love You, Beth Cooper


    • Thanks for your comment. I believe this is your first comment in my blog. 🙂
      I get comments like, “how can you live in a place that exploits people (referring to laborers)” and just delete them. Some people forget that I am just an expat here, not the Prime Minister!


    • Surprisingly, there is a thing called acclimatization. It was unbelievable during my first summer here but now..I can complain, let out a sigh and move on with life (no choice really).


  6. The commenter may have be insinuating that all that glorious building going on in Dubai is a result of American dollars pouring in to buy oil. Honestly, there are so many people here that have no clue about other world governments or markets and don’t bother to do any research before making a statement like that. Stay cool!!

    Cindy B. in Montana…now in Oklahomas last blog post..Fauna Pillows!


    • If the commenter thought of oil money, that is a misconception because oil revenue only constitute less than 6% of Dubai’s income.

      It’s still hot here – will continue until around end of October. Humidity is at 75%. Thank God for a/c!


  7. LOL, about the heat.

    As for the US funding? lol. We don’t have enough $$ to fund our own stuff, I highly doubt that us funding anything in Dubai is even remotely true. Maybe the above commenter is correct though.

    I’d chalk it up to yet another stupid and false email circulating. Delete it like you would when you get the ones from someone in Nigeria who wants to send you money or says you won the lottery, lol.

    sheilas last blog post..Thousand Word Thursdays


  8. Just ignor the idiot – you know the truth….

    As for the heat… I feel so bad for you, I was talking to a woman in India the other day on the phone (Kodak tech support) and she was saying the same thing. She said when it rains, there is no relief. Try and stay in air conditioning or a pool. We have high 90’s and 90% humidity and we thought that was bad.

    Take care…..

    Lorie Shewbridges last blog post..MomTrends Lands End Giveaway 7/31/09


    • Thankfully, all the buildings and houses in Dubai are with a/c. If not, I don’t know what will happen! Our humidity right now is at 75% byt steadily climbing. And we won’t have rain until around December!! I miss the rain now that you mentioned it…


    • Scary weather yes. The only good thing is that your laundry will dry in a couple of hours…oh, and free sauna, of course. hehehe


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