And in our first candlelight dinner…

Some time last month, I claimed the prize I won from a radio trivia contest and took my troop (we are a small battalion consisting of only three people) to an eating spree. My prize was a dinner voucher at the AZUR restaurant at the Harbor Hotel in Dubai Marina.

Harbor Hotel and Residences

I had to crane my neck. The building was so tall at 52 floors. Pristine and her dad went ahead while I took photos around.


In Dubai Marina, the construction seems endless. How many more hotels, residences and apartment buildings does Dubai need?

construction around Dubai Marina

We arrived too early so we went up to the 52nd floor. There is an observatory restaurant at the highest floor that promises great view of the Palm Jumeirah but unfortunately, it was hazy that day and the man-made islands were not visible.

We went on to the restaurant and as we entered, Pristine asked, “Mom, how can we ever eat in the dark?”

AZUR restaurant

I think this is our first time to a restaurant not of the family-restaurant-with-bright-lights-and-a-coloring-book-for-the-kid variety. The ambiance was great, although too strange for a 5 year old. I got 1,405,377 questions that night.

Pristine and me at our dinner table

She’s gone totally 80’s with the headband and she refused to take it off. Everyone was saying it was cute, so be it.


First batch of food came.

 foie-gras chorizo

cold-soup  serving-salad

You guessed it. This was the point in the story that she asked the 1,405,378th question. I stare at my plate blankly, foie gras – what are you?


It was hard to consume all the voucher with just two adults and one little person. We had to add orders. My husband was willing to consume two main dishes and 3 desserts so that I don’t have to. Thank God for thin husbands!

So we wait for the food to arrive and went outside the patio to see Dubai Marina at night. It’s dark but the ones on the lower left are yachts docked in the man-made marina.


I like this side of town during the night. If I see this outside my room every night, I might not need Panadol after a hectic day. There’s something with night lights that detaches me from the real world. And, and…ok no more of that. I am sure some of you would agree. No?


This is what happens when M takes the camera. Pristine rolled her eyes – too tired of her dad’s,  “one more, one more”.


At least the view behind us was nice.  Night shots are always a challenge, especially for someone who doesn’t like taking photos or having to do anything with a camera. That is the reason why I don’t have that much photos – there’s no one willing to take it!

I am currently training my 5 year old daughter to take photos of me.

We went back inside for dessert, in which while walking I was fighting with my inner demons to resist the temptation. This too shall pass, this too shall pass…Pristine read the menu and the easiest for her to recognize was the one that had ba-na-na on the name so it’s banana flambe, served with vanilla ice cream. The waitress who served us brought all the ingredients and a stove near our table. Looks like we’re in for a demonstration. Pristine was all eyes and ears on her.

First, sugar is caramelized.


Then the banana joined the caramel and in a lovely swirl of the pan and more flame, the rest was a blur. All I know is that Pristine screamed, “Whoa, fire!”


I wouldn’t blame her a bit. This is too much flame a five year old can handle.


After the “fire show”, banana flambe was served and our wide-eyed little person made a declaration that will go down in food history forever: “BANANA IS BEST WHEN BURNED.”

She means it, so believe it.


    1. Yes, when she was around 2 years old. So funny that you are so familiar with banana-q! I doubt if she remembers it, though. Foie gras is all hype – I don’t know why it’s a delicacy. It’s not delicious…at least for me.



  1. It looks like you had a great time. Pristine’s exclamation at the end cracked me up! I love bananas almost every way they can be made. My favorite is home made banana cream pie! Mmmmmm.

    Maribeths last blog post..After The Rain



    1. I’m surprised there’s someone who doesn’t like foie gras too. Pristine said it tastes like “yucky butter” LOL
      She’s getting better with adjectives yucky butter, burned bananas…



    1. Oh I am not worried at all – it might only mean I need to win plenty of contests with prizes like this! LOL!
      Did you google foie gras?



  2. Oh no. I Goggled the foie gras and I do not believe that I care to dine there. Maybe just desert. I agree with Pristine; bananas are best burned. She’s a diner of my own taste.

    mannequins last blog post..The Graduate



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