Lovenotes for a busy mom

I have been so busy with work since Saturday that I didn’t have the time to update the blog or reply to comments or read anything online. I tell  you, you wouldn’t want to see my choking feed reader!

On Saturday, Pristine kept calling me at work asking me lots of things, not material ones but the requests range from wanting me to go home early or nap with her or just go home and watch Enchanted again. Don’t say, that movie!? because I kind of like it. 🙂

School is off on Fridays and Saturdays and I only have Fridays off – meaning she’ll be home on Saturdays while I work outside.

“Mom? Why are you working on Saturdays? Your boss is crazy.”  is the generic weekly comment I get when I get out of the door. While we were talking on the phone and she heard the clicking sound of my mouse and the tapping of my keyboard, she asked “Mama? Are you sure you are listening to me?”  Ouch. Babe didn’t know I am trying to get the deadline by noon time so I can possibly, with remote chance, however, go home and be with her. I am tired as well. But I didn’t finish my work on time and had to spend the rest of the day in the office. Gah.


I came home at 6:30 pm and had dinner with her and spent a lovely evening playing lots of games, those silly role plays we love, recording voices in my cellphone (one day I’m going to post her rendition of a Kelly Clarkson song), taking lots of photos and reading lots of books. 

That photo – now you know that there’s a giant panda living in my house. Look at those dark circles in my eyes!

Before we slept, she gave me one rolled paper, which was enough to erase the dark circles away. Ok, maybe not but it certainly helps.


* I don’t know what’s happened to her lately that she writes her emotions in pieces of paper and rolls them then either give to me directly or leave them in my desk. Not all of the notes are sweet – some are not and some are questions. I’m keeping these little note with me and preserve it as long as I can. *


  1. i got one of these which said, “i don’t like mama & papa”, because you were too busy with us and kinda ignore her presence. a bit. i like her style. it’s nice to know her feelings. at least, you are aware of them, you get to react immediately when necessary.



    1. You were there when she gave me that note! I am thankful that she don’t throw a tantrum but instead write me small notes.



  2. Her notes are like fortune cookies, stuff like that I save forever. Every few months I get out our favorite list, I ask my boys their favorite things, everything from food, places, games, movies. They are not allowed to see the old lists until the new one is done. It is fun to see what stays the same and what changes through the years.

    Sarahs last blog post..Fried Kibbeh



    1. That is such a clever idea!! I would love to see what my daughter will come up with! I am sure the things will change every hour.



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