Blog comments and a poll

Lately, I’ve been receiving comments from new readers. Also, I have been receiving more comments than when I first started this little blog almost three years ago. Honestly, I never expected readers from as far as Australia or the US to come read my stuff. Some of them have even become close confidantes and friends even if I haven’t met them!

Comments are the air that we breathe in blog world. I love receiving comments and I try to reciprocate the bloggy love as much as I can. I either visit the blog (if blog address is left) or respond through email if the comment calls for it though sometimes, I reply by email and just say “Thanks!”. If it bugs you, let me know. 🙂

In addition to that, lately I’ve been publishing my reply in the comment section right below the comment, in bold & italic letters.

Today I woke up curious about all this blog commenting – blog visiting bloggy love cycle so I created a poll to know how you would like to the blog owner to respond to any comments you leave on his/her blog.

On to the poll now:

Lastly, while surfing the net this morning I stumbled upon an interesting article titled,  6 Types of Blog Commentors – Do You Know Them?. Interesting stuff and the title could also be, “which one are you?”

Speaking of blog comments, let me have this opportunity to thank everyone taking the time to leave a comment. Please know that I truly appreciate that.

* This is my first blog poll and I am excited to see all your inputs! *

24 thoughts on “Blog comments and a poll

  1. I want to tell you that I love your blog! I think it’s because I love anything related to Japan ;o)

    From a Canadian girl

    Thanks for the compliments and for participating in the poll!


  2. Great poll – will be keen to see the results. I always visit the blog, and reply by email too – but so many do not include their email address (and I believe many don’t realize this), even when they ask a direct question!

    I guess I’m lucky that commenters need to leave their email address in the comment form so I can reply to them. This is one of the things I love about the WordPress platform. Thanks for participating in the poll!

    JanMary, N Irelands last blog post..The BIG reveal – THE kitchen makeover


  3. I live for comments on my blog, although I don’t get very many. I try to respond either via email or, if they haven’t left their email, through comments. Most of the time I will check out their blog and comment back as well.

    I have to edit my post to include the phrase “most of the time” since it’s not all the time that I can reply to the comments or go visit the blog. I do though, whenever I can.

    Shellys last blog post..More on Eating Wholesome Foods


  4. My site is fairly new, so I get all excited about any comment I get! I typically reply back with a follow-up comment and visit (and often link) the commenter’s blog/site. Never occured to me to send emails or thank-yous.

    Interesting thing to contemplate!

    Replying to comments via email has been the advantage of wordpress vs blogger platforms and the reason that I went for wordpress too.

    Lizs last blog post..A Test in Meal Conversions: Pizza


  5. I used to reply to comments directly on my blog. Then I thought about it. How many people come back to my post to see if I have replied to them? Not many have time for that given all of the blog reading people do. I now have all of my comments e-mailed to me so I can reply to them that way. I figure if someone took the time to leave me a comment I want to personally reply to them. Like you said, I love WP since it gives you the e-mail to contact people.

    You’re right. I myself, don’t track the comments I leave on blogs. I won’t have any idea if they have replied to it, especially on Blogger blogs.
    Thanks for participating in the poll!

    TheAngelForevers last blog post..My little Potato Head


  6. I think A response is good in e-mail form – IF you really have something to say back or are answing a question the commenter asked (or have a question for the commenter) As for saying “Thanks” as a “response” I’d rather have that in the form of a visit to my blog – even if I don’t get a comment 😉 rather than an e-mail. I would hate to get an e-mail that just says “yea, I agree” as a response – I can come back and read your comment section if I really want to check it out.

    Anyway – that is just my opinion & sort of the way I handle things on my own blog. 🙂

    Of course, you’re right not every comment requires an email reply. Glad to hear how others handle it in their own blogs. BTW, sorry I haven’t visited your blog in a while. Might be high time to do that now…thanks for participating in the poll!

    Erikajeans last blog post..Death Cab For Cutie


  7. I usually read the comments when I first read a post, but I usually don’t go back and read them again. But my comments also usually don’t merit too much follow up 🙂


  8. I try to respond to comments on my blog in the comment section, but I’m not always good about it. If there is an e-mail address available, many times I’ll respond that way. I’ve developed some pretty good relationships that way!

    I’m sort of slow to read new blogs, but if I see a blogger’s comments pop up consistently on blogs that I read, and that person’s comments are witty, amusing, intellectual, interesting, etc., then I’ll hop over to their blog and check it out. Often times I find new blogs that way. I haven’t randomly searched for new blogs since I was a new blogger. I’m too picky now, and my time is not mine as much any more (more obligations to family and such).

    Desert Songbirds last blog post..Finally, My Vacation Recap


  9. I wish that everyone would have their email available in their profile for Blogger. I’d love to respond to everyone by email, so that I’m sure they get it, but it’s impossible!


  10. And Canada. 😀

    I appreciate both. I love the little replies under the comments. It’s a nice touch and I think it shows you care about what the people who visit your blog have to say.

    Of course, from Canada too! I even have a bloggy friend whom I met in person twice already who’s from Canada. 🙂

    By the way, I got that little replies under the comment idea from another blogger, Michelle of Bleeding Espresso. Thanks for participating in the poll. When time permits me to, I do reply to comments via email or visit the blog.

    Moes last blog post..Four In One Bra


  11. I love getting comments too! They don’t seem to happen as often as most bloggers I know. It could be that I don’t often update, and when I do, most of the time it’s just photos!

    Well, there’s such thing as “blogging without obligation”…or no pressure blogging. 🙂
    You can update your blog whenever you like and in the schedule that works out for you. Photos are ok…they speak a thousand words, right?

    willowsprites last blog post..Photo Catchup


  12. I usually respond to comments to my blog by email. I often wonder if I should comment back to them on my blog, but I am sure few people actually subscribe to a specific post and they will probably never read the commend I leave for them. Email works best.

    Comments are always good!

    I don’t come back to see if the blogger responded to the comment I left so, yeah, replying by email works best. Thanks for participating in the poll!

    Michelles last blog post..Preschool Already? Play vs. Academics?


  13. i feel guilty because i haven’t commented on your blog recently! yikes! i’ve been fairly busy, though.

    i respond to comments infrequently, usually on my blog (because i have blogger and not many people have an e-mail addy i can respond to.) my answer to your poll was that i don’t expect any kind of response (unless, of course, i ask a direct question) and basically that’s how i handle comments on my site. if i get lots of love on a post then i generally thank everyone who left a comment, in the comments. actually, the way comments are done on blogger is a bit lacking, especially compared to other platforms.

    anyway, love your blog, am still reading and look forward to your posts each day. 😀

    No worries at all. I know people comment when they have the time. Even I am guilty of not visiting a few blogs dear to my heart..and my feed reader is choking with feeds waiting to be read! Thanks for participating in the poll.

    illahees last blog post..just another day


  14. What a stunning post, I have only come cross your site once before and I have enjoyed what you have posted, and the comment you have made now about that you really enjoy people visiting and commentating is awesome, not many people actually like that.

    Keep well
    Regards Sandy

    Thanks for droppig by and leaving a comment, Sandy. I have great bloggy friends from South Africa. Nice to know a new reader from SA!


  15. I leave comments when time allows – when a post has made me laugh, or made me cry – or taught me something new. I love when people drop by a leave me kind words, and am grateful when they take the time to say hello…but never want anyone to feel obligated to leave a comment.
    I really enjoy your blog, and hope to keep coming back day after day!

    Yes, when time allows…I would read more blogs and leave comments. Lately I’ve been swamped with work and can’t be online at home at night so it’s tough. My feed reader is choking.

    I am even guilty of not visiting your blog. Sorry for that!

    Neas Nuttinesss last blog post..Busy, Busy, Busy


  16. I don’t expect “reward” when I comment in another blog… but it’s true that a visit to my blog or an e-mail from time to time is welcomed!!!!! It’s difficult to comment in all the blogs you visit but it’s true comments make you smile!!!

    your blog is lovely and I don’t find strange you receive visits and comments around the world!!!



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