They do speeches in kindergarten now

I had the pleasure to watch my daughter give a speech on stage during her kindergarten graduation program yesterday. Yes, they give speeches in kindergarten now. She was chosen to represent her class.

She had to memorize a long speech (long one for 5 year old to memorize in a week, anyway) – it was around 150 words. We practiced line by line until she can recall all even in her sleep. I am amazed how fast she memorized all the words, I am blown away at how she’s doesn’t mind every bit of it. Everything was going well and I thought, then we can only work on one thing – stage fright, if ever she has that.

Do young, small people have those nervous feelings? I wonder.

As a mom, I had been biting all my nails off since we got that speech on paper. What if she’ll never memorize all of it? What if she forgets? What if she feel so scared in the middle of delivering that speech? So many what ifs to deal with, I haven’t slept in a week.


~ holding the microphone, getting ready to deliver her speech ~

Yesterday, the big moment came and my girl delivered. She did it so well I could cry. There was no trace of fright or nervousness, just pure enthusiasm and pride! She got all her lines which means she has a pretty good memory, I have a good memory. Speaking in front of a crowd did not scare her, this she got from her dad! We should celebrate!


~ recalling the lines, delivering the speech ~

in graduation robe

Everyone was listening to her words. She looked at me (I was taking photos) and looked at her dad (busy with taking the video) and smiled, took a deep breath and just went on talking. It was kind of hurried though, a little robotic, if you must say but she got all the words and she did not freeze!

Last night as I was tucking her to bed, she confessed, “Mom, I know I was going too fast.”

I told her it was ok and she was brilliant.

“But you know what mom? I wanted to talk more slowly but my heart was beating so fast my mouth had to catch up!”

I wanted to laugh so hard but kept it to myself! The kid was indeed nervous but she pulled it off! But imagine how hard it must be to try to catch up with a racing heart!


~ proudly showing her graduation certificate ~

Congratulations to my sweet girl for completing kindergarten (Foundation Stage)! Now she is so ready for Year One, with full speed ahead!

* I screwed up by taking lots of blurred photos. Either hands were too shaky, or had camera settings messed up or both! *

40 thoughts on “They do speeches in kindergarten now

  1. Wow you know its really not easy….150 words speech without rest with fast heartbeat. If I am asked to do now also I will stop in the middle I am damn sure. Congrats Grace & Pristine.She is brilliat but its your struggle also. God Bless She is looking beautiful in the photos.


  2. CONGRATS Pristine! may pinagmanahan…ingon pa… i am so proud sa iya Grace, maski hi / hello ra halus f gakita mi n i knew here jud maayo dre sa imo blog…COngrats for raising such a lovely n intelligent daughter!


  3. First, those are amazing pics. Second, congrats to you and your daughter!That is a lot for a little girl to memorize. Very impressive.


    • True. I wouldn’t be able to pull it through like how she did. I hope she won’t change – I mean she won’t develop stage fright in the future!


  4. It’s good to start them out early. If she continues on this path she may end up doing speeches more often. Watch out… You’re looking at a future leader.

    Congratulations to her and for you being such a great mom.

    Urban Thoughts last blog post..Letters


    • She’s already asking me if she’ll be doing another speech after the next school year! LOL!

      Thanks for dropping by and for the compliments!


  5. What a precious story. Thanks for sharing. I am 46years old and still can’t talk in a crowd! Lol, but at my age I would probably kill over of a heart attack 🙂 Your daughter is a beautiful girl. Congrats to you both! Seems so long ago that my daughter graduated from kinder. But I remember trying to hold back the tears and how proud I was of her. One of my favorite pics of all time is her kinder graduation. Now she’s 19 with attitude! & Her and I butt heads all the time. I wouldn’t change a thing! Again, thanks for sharing as it took me back through memory road.


    • Thanks, Kathy. Sometimes I worry too much about how my daughter will be when she’ll become a teenager but I realized I should just enjoy my time with this innocent, sweet baby before dealing with the teen years! I’ll enjoy the moments now while it lasts!


  6. Hey – can you tell me what her speech said? We have to write speeches for my Kindergarten class this year, and I have no idea what to write. I promise not to copy it, just use it to get an idea what to write.


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