the little talks at the back seat

Today while we were on our way to school, Pristine suddenly asked me: “Mom, when you were young, did you tell your teacher that someday when you grow up you would like to be a MOM?”

It’s an interesting question and I answered that when my teacher made the rounds to ask her young pupils their dreams and ambitions, I told her I wanted to be a flight attendant. That was my first dream. I thought it would be so fun to put on makeup and be beautiful all day, every day and of course riding planes appealed to me so much at that age.

“But mom, why didn’t you become one? Because you HAD to be a mom?”

Of course I didn’t give up being a flight attendant so I could be a mom. There are many flight attendants who are moms, too. I just changed my mind and wanted to be something else and became something else. I guess I wasn’t meant to be airborne, hee hee.

“You know mom, when I grow up, I want to be a mom too. But a dentist-mom. I will be a dentist and a mom. Is it possible?”

* At this point I don’t know where that dentist dream came from. Just less than 24 hours ago, she wanted to be a stage actress. *

What a brilliant dream and a good one too. Imagine having the power to scare your children of root canal when they are naughty.

15 thoughts on “the little talks at the back seat

  1. What a wonderful way to teach her about life, adjusting dreams/goals, and being a working mom! Great job taking advantage of the teaching opportunity with Pristine. She is so cute!!!

    Maybe if my mom were a dentist I would dislike going so much now…maybe.

    Monicas last blog post..We’re a Family Again


    • Oh no, I totally made up the root canal thing. She has no idea what that is as she hasn’t been to the dentist yet. They have a lady dentist in her school which she admires.


  2. Tell Pristine that it’s possible for her to be just about anything she “puts her mind too”. But if she wants to be a dentist- mom, she’s gonna have to work really hard. It’s harder to get into dental school than med school.

    Neas Nuttinesss last blog post..


    • I tell her she can be anything she wants to. About that dentist thing..not sure if she’s serious about that…she changes her mind everyday!


    • Yes, she talks a lot about the future..the number of brothers and sisters who are yet to come…she’s expecting FIVE more!! She talks about getting married at 25 (just because I said 20 is too young), she even sings a lot so she can perform well on stage…where, I don’t know!


    • I looked at my mom – who was very busy attending to my little brothers when I was young. I thought, that’s it, I’m not going to be a mom really soon!! LOL


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