Gasp! I’ve forgotten that I forgot

I had to drive today after like, more than a month of shying away from the steering wheel after the minor accident I had. I’ve asked Pristine not to distract me, I’ve turned the radio off, said my prayers and opened my eyes wider. I sharpened my senses. Nothing will go wrong today. It’s just a 10 minute drive to Pristine’s school. How hard can it get?

Minutes and some very fast heartbeats later, I was able to survive the 6 lane traffic. Changed lanes safely, turned at the right signal and arrived in her school. I bade her goodbye, kissed and hugged her extra tight. I got back on the car, entered the big road again and stopped at the first red light, just a few meters from the school. I am the first car, I looked at my back mirror. Cars are piling up behind me.

I’ve passed the road I was so afraid of.

A police man came from my right, carrying a small notebook. He looked long and hard at me and made a cut-throat gesture . And took note of my car plate number.


I looked around. Everything was in place, peaceful. There is no car in front of me that I could’ve bumped or something. I looked at the fellow driver on my left and when he saw me with hundreds of question marks all over my face, he was amused. Annoyingly amused and pointed to something.

Nothing was wrong, everything was in place, except one. My seatbelt.

I almost choked writing that one. Can you believe it? Whatever happened to me? Seven years of driving and I have never, EVER been without a seatbelt. Please don’t tell me this is first stage of dementia.


  1. Sadly, I must tell you that this IS the first stage of dementia.
    Just kiddin. If so, I’m already demented 🙂

    That accident must have really frightened you and I guess the longer you go, the harder it got. I find that true with anything I’m afraid of.

    So,did he pull you over?

    Aaaah!! I almost fell off my seat reading that first line! No, the police man didn’t pull me over, he just came in front of me (while I was waiting for the red light to go green), gave me the cut throat gesture and listed my plate number in his small notebook.

    That’s almost $100 down the drain in fines.

    mannequins last blog post..Consumeristic greed



  2. I think you must have been so relieved that you drove in that road, the worst was behind you. You were so consumed in your thoughts that you forgot.

    Oh well i bet you wont forget ever again.



  3. Poor you! Don’t beat yourself up about it – it can happen to the best of us. You had alot on your plate. The police man was a bit extreme with the cut-throat motion!!! Check on the RTA site and see if the fine is entered – sometimes they don’t…

    Well done though on getting back behind the wheel. If I didn’t have to drive I wouldn’t but, alas, with no public transport serving near where I live or logical public transport I am forced to get behind the wheel and add to the pollution…

    I had quite a bad crash 6 months after I arrived. We were moving house it was so stressful and late at night. I had a car full of stuff from Ikea and I was turning out onto the Oud Metha Road near Al Wasl Hospital. Back then (2007) it was just a horrible sandpit and the filter lane was about 10 metres long… In front of me my husband was trying also to move out. A lorry flashed its lights. In UK if you flash your lights it means they are allowing you out… here it means: GET OUTTA THE WAY! So i proceeded forth. My husband went forward,…. I went forward all the time keeping my eye on the truck. The truck did not stop. My daughter screamed…i saw my husbands wheel cover nearing… i stepped on the brakes hard and the car skidded on the sand and I crashed straight into the back of my husband. I will never forget the crunch of the metal. Luckily for me i was only travelling at less than 20kph… but it was enough to write the car off. Hey: two 1.5ton 4x4s are quite some weight.

    Anyway – the police were on the scene quite quickly. They were very helpful (i was scared!) and they were humouring us saying that there are better ways to get rid of your husband. I did not have my drivers license or Molokiyah as we were moving house… so i went back home and got it and brought it back later. The Police General stapled the pink and green slip together and told us to go home and fight over who will take which colour and with a wink told my husband “but remember: your wife is always right!”.

    Have since conquered my demons… driven down the Oud Metha Rd countless times. The filter lane is still a sandy mess…

    Hmmm… maybe time to start my own blog! hahaha



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