Things you might NOT know about Dubai

1. Dubai was known for its pearl industry until the discovery of oil in the 1960’s.

2.In the 1820s, Dubai was referred to as Al Wasl by British historians.

3. English is spoken widely, even if the official national language is Arabic because of #4.

4. Only 20% of the population are locals, the rest of the population are foreigners (expatriates) from more than 200 different countries.

5.  The man-woman ratio is 3:1.

6. There is no direct tax (no income taxes).

7. It is not hot the whole year! We actually have 7-8 months of great weather that’s not too hot and never too cold.

8. Dubai’s economy is largely based on tourism, not oil which makes up of only less than 6% of Dubai’s GDP.

9. On 2 December 1971 Dubai, together with Abu Dhabi and five other emirates, formed the United Arab Emirates

10. Religions aside from Islam are freely practiced. There is a Catholic church and churches of other Christian denominations as well

11. No matter in which part of Dubai you are in, you will hear calls to prayer at least five times a day. Even in shopping malls, the calls to prayer are put out over the speakers, to remind Muslims that it is time to pray.

12. Dubai has the largest population of all the United Arab Emirates.

13. Dubai is NOT a country! – It is one of the seven emirates of the UAE. So abroad, there’s no such establishment as “Dubai Embassy” and Dubai doesn’t have a capital. (I have been asked about this so many times)

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42 thoughts on “Things you might NOT know about Dubai

  1. Very, VERY interesting. I especially thought #11 was quite intriguing.

    My 13 is posted. Either use the link provided at the top of my Thursday blog or scroll down to the bottom of the entry. It’s English for Dummies!… Have a great day.

    Hootin’ Annis last blog post..


    • Really? Well, I didn’t know anything about Dubai too until I visited for the first time in 2006. So many of my friends thought it’s a country.


  2. Well that was VERY interesting and since having “met” you, I’ve added Dubai to my list of dreams.
    I find it so interesting that there are prayer calls when in the US, that would be considered politically incorrect. Everything is politically incorrect.

    mannequins last blog post..This little skirt


    • Even Christmas trees are politically incorrect, right? Sounds a little bit strange to me! If it’s prayer (Islamic)time, we foreigners respect it as they respect us here also – which makes the UAE very peaceful compared to other places in the UAE or other countries in the world for that matter where there are clashes because of religion.


    • That’s great…just don’t come in the summer months! I’d love to visit or heck, LIVE in New Zealand if given the choice!


    • OMG, I wouldn’t be here if it was 40C the whole year!! LOL! During the months of Nov-March, the average daytime temp is about 25C! Night time lows on winter dips to as low as 15C! Women with no rights? I think that Saudi Arabia, not the UAE.


  3. Wow! I didn’t know any of that! I love your blog and your photographs. I live in the Southern US, so we don’t have anything around here like your photos! They are fantastic!


    • You’re welcome. I didn’t expect that post to get lots of comments. I wrote that in like, 10 minutes since I ran out idea and time for Thursday Thirteen! 🙂

      No, it isn’t hot here all the time. On the months of November to March/early April, we have great weather, blue skies and the max temp do not exceed 28C. Perfect, really!


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