Can I scream now?

I don’t know what is the root and cause of this depression anyway. Is it PMS? Work? general crappy issues that are popping out of nowhere?

I must have this three year curse when it comes to work. When I have learned the ropes and can do my job with closed eyes, I get tired of it. Doing something for hours and days on end that you don’t enjoy kills and seriously? I am dying inside!

Or is it because Pristine is sick and begged me to stay with her at home and I can’t? My mom is staying with her at home although my entire being wants me to be there too. Hate this lump in my throat. Tsk, this is baaad.


Or is it because I have seen too many photos doctored by photoshop this morning, in blogs? I don’t know if it is just me but don’t you think in this technology era, it’s so difficult to know the real good, talented photographers and the really good equipment (camera brand, type, lens, etc) because of this thing called Photoshop? How many photos have you seen that are unedited, raw, straight from the cam? Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE looking at beautiful pictures but if something is uberly doctored I think it steals the natural beauty of it and it loses value. Plus it looks fake. I don’t like fake. That’s just saying – what do I know. (Maybe I’m just jealous because I don’t have and don’t know Photoshop?)

Ah and it’s freaking cold in the office again today. And I didn’t wear socks. And gloves. And ear mufflers.

My feet and hands are freezing and I can’t get out because of work and because I am blogging this first. 18C! Hah, take that! It’s like early winter inside.

Ok, forget everything you read. I highly suspect that this is just the hormones talking.


  1. It is horrible having to go to work when your child is sick. Hope you BOTH feel better soon.

    About photos and Photoshop, I must say I usually tweak things a bit before posting them on my blog, but hopefully don’t overdo it!

    Oh no, I don’t think your photos are heavily photoshopped. They all look great to me! Sorry I was referring to REALLY absurd/altered photos I found somewhere.

    JanMary, N Irelands last blog post..Voting and daily bread – a great combination



  2. Oh, I can definitely understand the emotional highs and lows PMS brings *hugs*. I hope you’ll feel better by tomorrow and that Pristine will be back on her feet soon.

    I agree with you on the photos that get photoshop-ped to the extreme. I think it’s okay to tweak things a bit or if the photographer’s going for a special effect but raw, unadulterated photos are the best.

    The reason I wrote that photoshop thing? I saw a blog today and though I totally adore that blog, today’s photos are way too photoshopped! So I wouldn’t know if I’m going to buy the same equipment or cam lens that was used because the result photos are great..or just buy Photoshop and improve the tweaking skills!!

    CandyQs last blog post..Who’s got my back?



  3. Oh, hugs to you!!! My hormones have their way with me from time to time and it is just miserable! I’m sorry you weren’t able to stay home. I’m sure that’s a terrible feeling.

    My husand would totally agree with you on overdoing the editing in photos. It drives him nuts!!!

    Monicas last blog post..List of Today’s Tackles



  4. I am trying to fight my way out of a depression. Sometimes I feel full of energy, then other days I want to hide under the covers.

    I totally agree with the Photoshopping thing! It is good to manipulate photos for artistic purposes sometimes, but in the media it is just horrible. I have read articles where for magazine covers they sometimes use three different models to put one picture together!

    Don’t worry about my photos….most are totally unedited, unless it is to brighten up a dark photo.

    Jackis last blog post..TAXES, Taxes, taxes



  5. Do you not get any sick leave? Here we can usually use that for a sick child as well as ourselves. Especially if they are in public daycare (which P is not) and can’t be taken in to expose all the other children. Someone has to stay home with them!
    I wish I’d read this earlier. Then I’d have had more response to you the other night on chat when you said you were not liking your job. I can definitely agree with you there. I need things to be busy/stimulating and different or I’m just crazy!

    Kristas last blog post..Book: Beloved Counterfeit



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