13 conversations of the kid kind

When we pay close attention to what our child/children have to say, our days will never be boring! Here are some of the short talks I had with my daughter and some of her quirky remarks about things.

Kids never fail to amaze me! 

1. After dyeing my graying hair daughter sneaks up on me and said: “Mom, your hair smells like medicine. Is it sick?”


2. 5 yo daughter: “Mom, am I an angel?”
Me: “Yes, babies and children are all angels.” She replied: “So what happens when we GROW up?

3. While helping my her with a school project:
5 yo: “Mom please hold these bird feathers.” 
Me: “Okay, anything else?”
5 yo: “DON’T breathe!”

4. 5 yo daughter with earache is praying.
5 yo: “Mom, what do I say next”?
Me: “Ask God for anything.”
5 yo: “God, please be nice to me!”

5. Fruit lesson:
5 yo: “Mom blueberries are boys coz they’re BLUE and strawberries are girls coz they’re RED, right? Riiiight?”

6. While watching Mamma Mia, 5 yo caught me teary-eyed.
5 yo: “Mom, u will cry when I get married?”
Me: “Yes, maybe.”
5 yo: “Then I’ll NOT get married!”

7. She wants brothers and sisters.
5 yo: “Mom I want 2 babies, boy & girl!”
Me: “Oh twins! So, what shall we name them?”

8. When visiting a friend with a new baby:
5 yo: “Mom, can we borrow THAT baby for 3 days? I know how to be a big sister already!”

9. When one of us is sick:
5 yo: “Don’t go to work mom! I’m sick.”
Me: “But grandma is here to take of you.”
5 yo: “Don’t go! If you are sick, I promise I won’t go to school too!”

10. Buying clothes:
Me: “Pink, again!?”
5 yo: “Because I’m a girl! And mom, you should change that black blouse to pink, too.”

11. Mamma Mia movie:
5 yo: “Why THREE possible fathers, mom?”
oops, Mamma Mia is not a child-friendly movie!

12. 5 yo singing Dancing Queen: “You can dance, you can DIVE..”
Me:  “No, it’s not DIVE but JIVE!”
5 yo: “Nope, we didn’t learn JIVE in school!”

13. Japanese-English bilingual 5 yo, starting to pray at bedtime: “Mom, what language does God speak? What will I use?”

I entered these in a contest via Twitter called “Moms tweet the darndest things about their kids“. Unfortunately, none were included in the final top ten list (you can see which kid quotes made it to the top ten by clicking that link). Nevertheless, it was fun recalling the kid quotes and tweeting them.

Do you have any funny kid talks to share?



  1. if children are not dismissed when they talk nonsense, we will find out that they are funny and witty. some parents are too busy to listen and appreciate this.

    Very true. You sound like a parent already!

    roses last blog post..resigned from work



  2. That was so funny to read bless her soul
    My daughter always comes up with the funniest things too and my mum constantly asks me to document it and i think i’ll do just that. Thanks for the push



  3. Those are so funny! And I agree, our days will never be boring when we listen to our children and the funny things they say. I just blogged about a funny conversation with my girls.

    I just saw that post you mentioned and commented on it too. I imagine your days to be interesting with three children in the house!



  4. Wow those are great! Sorry you didn’t win the contest. Those seem like winners to me. Kids do say funny things. I can’t think right now but my kids say funny stuff all the time.

    Thanks for sharing. Happy TT & Mother’s day!

    Honestly? I thought one of these would be in the finalist’s list hee hee…if you see the top ten, you’ll know. Some kiddie quotes on the list wasn’t as funny and quirky imo, or maybe I just didn’t get the humor.;-) Oh well…maybe they disqualified me because I didn’t live in the US and don’t want to send the prize (iPod Touch) abroad?



  5. Kids are so funny! I have to write the things my son says down so I remember them because they are all so priceless!

    Happy TT

    I think I might have to be ready with a pen and paper all the time too!



  6. Now normally I’d pick one or two of my favorites and comment about them…but omgosh…all of these are great! I totally enjoyed them all! Thanks for some great smiles this morning!

    Thanks, Sheila! That means a lot to me, coming from you.

    Sheilas last blog post..Goofy Telemarketer



  7. You should keep writing these down. I tell all my sister-in-laws this all the time because my nieces and nephews just crack me up. When I was little and my parents were trying to decide on a name for my baby brother to be I told them I thought they should name him Hertzog and we could call him Zog for short because that was my friend in school’s last name and I had a crush on him. Wisdom prevailed and they named my brother Nathan. I still think Zog would have been a cool nickname.

    You know what? I think Zog rocks!:-)

    Bumbless last blog post..ON TRAVEL ~ Now Appearing @ UpTake…



  8. How adorable!!! I loved the blueberry one. I’d love to have been a fly on the wall at the “But why 3 different fathers?” scene!

    I love the things kids say – i wish i had written all mine down!!! Here’s some of my favourite:

    “Mummy, Mummy!!! My feet are fizzing!!!!!” – turns out he had pins and needles

    “Mummy, its too hot i need to wear up trousers” – my sons way of telling me he wanted to wear shorts

    Very worried looking face in November:
    “Mummy is it too late to add to my list for Santa?”
    “No depends on what it is you never know… Santa *might* (ahem) be able to fit it in his sack”
    “Cool – can I have twins? One boy and one girl?”
    “Er… there’s a waiting list on that kind of thing – you got to ask much much earlier than that….”

    “Mummy when i grow up i want yellow hair” my daughter wanted to be blonde when she was older

    I always taught my kids to give up their seat on the bus to someone older, someone carrying lots of shopping, pregnant, with a baby or whatever: if you don’t need the seat: give it up.
    “excuse me – would you like my seat?”
    “Er… yeah… er…thanks”
    The girl was about 25. I guess to a 4 year old that is really old.

    Hope you’re having a fab weekend!

    PS: did you hear on the radio? We are off to Azur!! YAYAYAYAY!

    Thanks for sharing the kiddie quotes! I love them! Congratulations on your win and enjoy your dinner!



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