the night we became gluttons

Remember that contest I won over the radio a few days back? Well, I picked up my prize, a dinner for two at a restaurant at a 5 star hotel here in Dubai (worth 1,000 dhs or US$367). I called to reserve and inquire if I can take more than 1 person with me although it is written dinner for TWO. The husband and I do NOT have the confidence to eat all 1000 dhs worth of food in one single sitting! (Just FYI, we both suck at all you can eat style of dining, becoming full after appetizers!)

The restaurant told me no, only for TWO adults, or otherwise I we would have to pay for extra – but I wanted to take our daughter, is it ok? They said yes. The truth is I really wanted to take my mom too.

We went, we sat, we ordered, ate and got nauseated and you know what? The value of the voucher in relation to the prices of the food in the restaurant was deadly. The food was NOT expensive as I thought it would be! It means, we almost killed ourselves eating off soups in large bowls, 4 main dishes, a huge salad, 4 deserts, a tea, 2 appetizers and smoothies and juices. I felt guilty having to leave some food on the table as they did not allow take-aways.


The worst part?

The waitress who served us asked me why I didn’t take a troop with me. She said some people who won the same prize came in a group of 4 or 5 to make use of the whole amount so they won’t come out 5 kilos heavier.



  1. Aww, man! I hate when you’re considerate enough to call and ask ahead and then find out later that you could actually do what you planned in the first place! But, WOW! You two really ate a lot!! 😛



  2. congrats grace! ma imagine ko lang ang “FEAST”! hehehe…. ako adto- mamutos ko pag wa nag tanaw ang waitress!… post pud og pics



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